Need a Better Night's Sleep? These Are the 8 Most Luxurious Pillows on Amazon



Ah, sleep. It's the one thing everyone needs and can't seem to get enough of—especially if a lumpy old pillow is involved. While it may seem like a bedroom budget should go to bigger furnishings, like a solid headboard and a pair of practical nightstands, the truth is that a comfortable pillow is an indispensable part of sleep. Without one, you're sure to be staring at your surrounding furniture well past 3 a.m. when you'd rather be dreaming.

To give the sturdy pillow some well-earned attention, we gathered the eight most luxurious pillows we could find on Amazon according to their stellar five-star reviews. Some are hypoallergenic, others are filled with gel, and all are ideal for a restful night's sleep. We know that a few of these choices will be a splurge, but we did find a few two-pack options that should work with most budgets. Either way, these picks will last much longer than your current option and feel better, too. 

So take it from the advice of enthusiastic Amazon reviewers, as well as from quite a lot of personal experience: When you have a luxurious pillow under your head, then sleep becomes easier, deeper, and much more enjoyable.