31 Luxurious Bathrooms We Could Stare at All Day

A sleek white bathroom with a black bathtub and a beaded chandelier

Pure Salt Interiors

A luxurious bathroom is a game-changer in any home. Though we may not admit it, many of us escape to our bathrooms any time we’re in need of a little respite. We take a piping hot shower, indulge in a warm bath, or hide out in our powder rooms for a few minutes to check our texts mid-party.

These moments of solitude are restorative, and they feel even better in a luxurious space. So, treat yourself to some "me-time"—and treat yourself twice over by making sure the space you’ll spend that time in is as beautiful as possible.

Of course, there are many different ways to make a bathroom feel luxurious. You can splurge and hang a chandelier above your bathtub. Or, you could invest in thriftier tweaks, like buying a bath stool or placing a plant near your tub— there are luxury bathroom ideas abound.

Because everyone deserves a bathroom that feels like paradise, we’ve rounded up 31 of the most stunning, luxurious bathrooms we could find. Browse these gorgeous spaces to inspire your next reno, or simply grant yourself a few moments of mindless escape. Either way, you’re in for a treat.

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Invest in a Tub You Love

A black bathtub in a white bathroom

LeClair Decor

The focal point of any luxurious bathroom is the tub, and so it's important to take your time and find one you love. The tub you choose will set the scene for some of your most indulgent and relaxing moments going forward. Find a tub that feels comfortable and looks great—and try to look at it as an investment, not a splurge.

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Spruce Up Your Space With a Bath Stool

A white bathroom with a small bath stool in it

Cathie Hong

Bath stools may be small and unassuming. But, they have a way of elevating any space—even the simplest, most straightforward bathroom corner.

If a spot in your bathroom could use some extra love, consider adding a bath stool. You can bring it into the shower and sit on it whenever you need a breather. Or, you can leave it just outside your shower door where it can hold towels, lotions, and other must-haves.

A small wooden bath stool
Anthropologie Zuri Outdoor Stool $298.00
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Get Creative With Your Materials

A bathroom covered in wall-to-wall cement

Julian Porcino

Cement may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “luxury.” But, cover your bathroom in the sleek material, and you’ll quickly change your tune.

The counterintuitive material will make any space feel more contemporary, more industrial, and frankly, more special. And since it tends to come in a neutral gray, it will warm up your space without overwhelming it.

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Spring for Unique Shower Tiles

A shower lined with forest green tiles

Tyler Karu Design

Showers tend to be pretty homogenous, but they don’t have to be. If you're willing to spend a little time sifting through shower tiles, you can transform your space into something romantic and statement-making.

Look for a tile that makes you feel calm, tranquil, and all the other adjectives you hope to cultivate during a long, hot shower. And focus on finding something you love—you're the one who’ll be looking at it, after all.

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Bring a Plant to Your Space

An all-white bathroom with a clawfoot tub

Katherine Carter

Plants make a stunning addition to any space—and that holds true with the bathroom, too. If your bathroom is well-lit enough to house a plant, add one. In fact, add a few.

If you’re not gifted with tons of natural light, consider investing in some lower-maintenance options, like a creeping fig or a bear’s paw fern.

An aloe vera plant in a pot
Jungalow Aloe Vera $22.00
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Set the Mood

A bathroom lined with black tiles

Erin Williamson Design

Use your palette to set the mood in your bathroom, and don’t be afraid to go dark. Dark colors—like black, charcoal, and navy—might leave your living room feeling small and gloomy. But in a smaller space, like a bathroom, they can feel delightfully cozy.

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Put in Thought from Floor to Ceiling

A bathroom with a woven light fixture

Chelius House of Design

Bathrooms tend to be pretty small spaces. And as a decorator, you should interpret this as good news: that means you can put thought into every inch of your bathroom without wearing yourself out.

Take advantage of your tiny canvas and perfect every detail. Put thought into your light fixtures, art, hardware, tiles, and anything else you can think of. You’ll thank yourself later.

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Play Around With Wallpaper

A powder room covered in bold wallpaper

Katie Hodges

Bold wallpaper can overwhelm a larger room, but it can make a luxurious addition to a smaller space like a bathroom. Add a little statement-making wallpaper to your half-bath, and watch as the space is transformed into a hotel-worthy powder room.

Leave it at that, or add some equally bold finishing touches, like a striking lighting fixture and a pretty mirror. Either way, your space is sure to stun.

Abstract wallpaper covering a wall
West Elm Abstract Lines Wallpaper $149.00
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Put Your Bathtub Next to a Fireplace

A sleek white bathroom with a black bathtub and a beaded chandelier

Pure Salt Interiors

If you’ve been blessed with a fireplace in your bathroom, take advantage and stick a tub next to it. Hot water is incredibly cozy as is, but it feels even cozier fireside. Think of it like a candlelit bath—taken to its loveliest extreme.

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Add an Accent Wall in Your Shower

A shower with a blue tile accent wall

Pure Salt Interiors

Accent walls look great in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms—and they can look just as stunning in your shower. Of course, to pull off a shower accent wall, you won’t just want to paint over the tiles you already have. You’ll probably want to invest in a one-wall retile, but the results will be well worth the extra effort.

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Splurge on a Stunning Chandelier

A concrete bathroom with a bold tiered chandelier

Amy Bartlam

It may not make sense to put a chandelier inside your shower, but, it definitely makes sense to hang one over your bathtub. If you have the space—and the budget—for a splurge-worthy chandelier, spring for one. It will take your bathroom from chic to stunning.

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Dress Up Your Corners

An all-white bathroom with a small wooden accent table

Katie Martinez

Small tables, chairs, and other pieces of furniture can make welcome additions to bare bathroom corners. So, if you have some extra space you want to put to use, add a small—and ideally functional—piece of furniture.

Use a table to hold candles, plants, and extra towels. This little addition will ensure your must-haves are always at the ready, and it’ll make your bathroom feel a little more complete.

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Paint Your Cabinets

A bathroom with green cabinets

Katie Hodges

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your space? Paint your cabinets. A thoughtful paint job can leave your entire bathroom feeling new, giving you a luxurious space to enjoy without tackling a full-blown renovation.

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Invest in a Plush Bath Mat

A white bathroom with a fluffy math mat

Katie Hackworth

There is nothing good about stepping out of a piping hot bath onto cold, hard tiles. So, do yourself a favor and splurge on a chic bath mat that’ll give your toes the warm welcome they deserve.

Though it may be tempting to buy a classic rug, look instead for a mat designed with the bathroom in mind. Otherwise, mildew will force you to cycle through rugs on a very regular basis—and no one wants that.

A pile of folded bath mats
Coyuchi Pebbled Chenille Bath Rug $78.00
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Build a Space to Hang Your Towels

A wood-paneled bathroom

Design: Mindy Gayer, Photo: Lane Dittoe

No bathroom is complete without a towel rack, and with a little creativity, you can make yours look really special. Consider hanging hooks on your wall and keeping a basket nearby for damp, dirty linens. This go-to combination is a classic at spas and saunas—so it’s sure to make a luxurious addition to your space.

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Play With Texture

An all-black bathroom with several lush plants

Katie Martinez

There are all kinds of materials you could use in the bathroom—marble, cement, wood, and more. And if you love a dynamic interior, consider mixing and matching some of your favorites.

Pair a cement wall with a tiled one, or opt for countertops that combine marble with wood. Options are abound, so settle on a combination that feels cozy and inviting to you.

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Build Your Faucet into the Wall

An all-white bathroom with a woven light fixture

Proem Studio

Many bathtubs come with built-in faucets, but some don’t. While these are undoubtedly more expensive to set up, they look incredible once they’re in your space.

Walls with built-in faucets are the kind of thing you only expect to see in hotels, and installing one in your home would be an absolute treat.

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Add a Sit-Down Vanity

A bathroom with a wood-paneled vanity

Erin Williamson Design

Mirrors and sinks have a home in any bathroom. But, if you plan to use your vanity for makeup, skin care, or at-home spa treatments, consider adding a seat and a nook for that seat to go in. Being able to sit down will make your morning and evening routines feel more special.

Make sure your mirrors are hung low enough that you can still see yourself while sitting down.

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Keep Your Palette Cozy

A bathroom with a black, white, and charcoal color palette

Devon Grace Interiors

Fill your space with colors that make you feel at peace every time you walk into your bathroom. For some, these could be cool blues and greens, and for others, they could be cozy charcoals and crisp whites.

Don’t overthink your palette and choose colors just because someone else told you to. Focus instead on what shades you gravitate toward, and let those pervade your space.

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Splurge on a Striking Mirror

A bathroom with a bold mirror

House Nine Interiors

A mirror is a statement-maker in any bathroom, and an out-of-the-box option is bound to leave your space feeling special. Of course, you don’t want to favor form over function, and you still want to be able to check your reflection while washing your hands. So, search for a mirror that’s both pretty and practical—they’re surprisingly easy to find.

A colorblock mirror
MOHD Magis Vitrail Rectangular Mirror $424.00
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Give Your Floors a Little Love

A bohemian bathroom lined with two kinds of gray tile

Julian Porcino

In a bathroom, a lot of the decorative action happens at eye level—but that’s no reason to neglect your floors. If you find a few sets of tile you love, consider lining your shower with one and lining your floors with another, or go all in and use the same stylish set for both. As long as you love looking at the options you’ve chosen, you should be good to go.

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Spring for Wall-to-Wall Marble

A shower lined with textured white marble

Design: Michelle Boudreau, Photo: Manolo Langis

Marble always feels luxurious, and lining your shower with the material is a surefire way to keep your space feeling special. If you’d like to change things up a little, you can always pair marble walls with a set of complementary tiles.

You can make your space feel even more dynamic by lining your bathroom floors with a different material—or yet another set of tiles.

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Take a Risk on a Unique Tub

A gray bathroom with a black clawfoot tub

Ashley Montgomery Design

The moment you step foot in your bathroom, your eye will immediately jump to your tub. So, spring for one you love looking at, and don't be afraid to take a risk on a more statement-making option.

Clawfoot tubs make an elegant addition to any bathroom, and more contemporary tubs can look just as sleek. If you find yourself drawn to an even bolder option, like a black tub, don’t shy away from that impulse. Run with it and let it set the tone for the rest of your space.

A black bathtub
Signature Hardware Kateryn Bateau Cast Iron Skirted Tub $2,849.00
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Bring a Chair Into Your Space

A white bathroom with a woven lounge chair in it

Ashley Montgomery Design

Chairs may seem like a strange choice for bathroom décor. After all, how much sitting are you doing? But, they can be surprisingly useful, especially if placed by your tub or shower.

You can use a chair to hold extra towels or to keep your clean clothes off the floor while you shower. And of course, you can sit in the chair any time you want to paint your toenails, slip into a pair of shoes, or lotion your legs after a warm shower.

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Try Out a Wall-Mounted Sink

A bathroom with a concrete wall-mounted sink

Blue Copper Design

Many bathroom sinks come attached to bulky bases that double as storage cabinets, but some come totally baseless. These wall-mounted sinks are incredibly eye-catching, and they often look so sleek and contemporary. Choose an option that suits your space—and watch as your sink becomes the prettiest item in your bathroom.

A wall-mounted wooden sink
Signature Hardware Nadiya Wall-Mount Vessel Sink $299.00
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Search for Statement-Making Tiles

A white bathroom with bold blue tiles

Design: Mindy Gayer, Photo: Lane Dittoe

Toilets don’t necessarily scream “luxury,” but when sitting on top of stunningly tiled floors, even a toilet can feel a little elegant. So, spend time finding a tile that really elevates your space. Once your toilet starts looking cute, you’ll know you’ve nailed it.

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Build in Tubside Shelves

An all-white bathroom with built-in tubside shelves

Pure Salt Interiors

If you have the space, consider building shelves into the wall next to your bathtub. This will make sure your must-haves like towels, soaps, and bath scrubs are always within reach, making your baths even more luxurious than they already are.

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Keep Your Accents Cohesive

A powder room with wood-paneled walls

Devon Grace Interiors

Accents are abound in bathrooms, and an easy way to bring your space together is to make sure all of yours are cohesive. Match your faucet to your drawer pulls—and match your drawer pulls to your lighting fixtures. Then, let your soap dish and toothbrush holders in on the fun.

Of course, you don’t have to make sure your pieces match exactly. But, if hotel-worthy flair is what you’re going for, opting for uniform accents is a pretty easy way to get there.

A ceramic bathroom accessories set
Food52 Blomus Bathroom Accessories Set $138.00
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Cover Your Space in Tiles

A bathroom that's lined with black tiles

Cathie Hong

Tiles are an obvious choice for shower walls and bathroom floors, but there are plenty of ways to use the material more creatively. By using the same set of tiles along your bathroom walls and your bathroom floors, you can create a floor-to-ceiling effect that feels both luxurious and peaceful.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Have Fun

A vibrant bathroom with orange tiled floors

White Sands

Fun and luxury may seem like opposites, but the truth is that the two play incredibly well together. If you’re a bold decorator who loves a personality-filled space, bring some of that spirit into your bathroom.

Pair a splurge-worthy clawfoot tub with an equally fancy wall-mounted sink, and balance things out with boldly tiled floors. By putting effort into every element of your bathroom, you can ensure the whole thing feels luxurious—even if bold prints and vibrant colors abound.

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Add Thoughtful and Stylish Finishing Touches

An all-white bathroom with a few vibrant brown touches

LeClair Decor

Once you’ve got your bases covered—your tub is beautiful, your showers are tiled, and your floors look great—top things off with a few finishing touches. Use a woven basket to keep extra towels at-the-ready, and use a bath stool to add a touch of chic décor to your space.

These little details are the cherries on top of a luxurious bathroom—and they’ll ensure your space feels absolutely hotel-worthy.