The Most Coveted Luxury D

Today is National Splurge Day, and what better way to celebrate, if only in our imaginations, than to think of what we would buy for our homes, if we didn't have to consider costs. We polled our offices asking our own team as well as editors from our sister site, Who What Wear, to share what they would splurge on for their stylish abodes. Read on to find out what luxury items they're craving and click through our slideshow to see these fantasy buys in real homes. Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to splurge on your own dream décor piece.

1 I've long adored the idea of this incredibly traditional, supremely feminine Chinoiserie wallpaper juxtaposed with my eclectic midcentury home. Whether in panels on one wall of my dining room or wrapping my bedroom walls for a full-on statement, some day I will have de Gournay wallpaper. Some day.

2 Solid brass Chiavari chairs (preferably with black velvet seats) are a little way to add in classic glamour. And I mean literally little, they'll fit into any sad spot.

3 When I picture my dream home, a jaw-dropping fireplace and outdoor entertaining area are always the first things to come to mind. Since I like to spend the majority of my time outside with family and friends, this is definitely something that is worth the splurge!


Whether in shocking cobalt blue, vibrant pink, or shimmering gold, this table is a piece of art and easily lends itself to being the show-stopping centerpiece of any room. 5 BDDW sofas are so perfect, in my opinion, that the room wouldn't need much else other than company to sit on it. 6 French wire sculpture artist Marie Christophe's chandeliers and light fixtures are absolute masterpieces. Dripping with beads and formed into the most charming shapes, the whimsical wire works are truly one of a kind, and in my opinion, the ultimate showpieces. 7 With this horsehair sconce, I'd have the most unique lighting on the block, hands down. 8 I've been wanting a bar cart for a while now, and I love how sleek and understated this particular design from Arteriors is. 9 A tufted, pink couch is pretty much the girliest sofa on the planet, but it's also a very stylish statement piece. So tell us: what's your dream décor buy? Let us know in the comments! Photographs: 1. Brett Heyman photographed by Jeremy Allen for Vogue 2. Balfour Castle via de Gournay 3. Mary McDonald photographed by Dominique Vorillon 4. Studio Mrs. (designer and source) 5. Studio Mrs. (designer and source) 6. Olivia O'Bryan photographed by Big Blue Photography for Interiors Magazine 7. Nicole Cari photographed by Chris Patey 8. Sachs Lindores photographed by Simon Watson for Architectural Digest 9. via BDDW 10. via BDDW 11. Marie Christophe 12. Marie Christophe 13. Gabriel Hendifar (designer and source) 14. Gabriel Hendifar (designer and source) 15. Caitlin and Caitlin (designer and source) 16. photographed by Magnus Selander for Elle Decoration 17. Jean-Marc Palisse (photographer) 18. photographed by Kristen Loken for Lonny