This Luxury Kids' Bed Costs More Than College Tuition

Updated 09/23/16
Circu Fantasy Air Balloon Bed or Sofa
Courtesy of Circu

You might affectionately call your children princes or princesses, but how far would you go to give them the fairy-tale experience of their dreams? To the delight of kids around the world (and, possibly, the dismay of their parents) a Portuguese furniture company called Circu is set to turn the Disney fantasy into a reality at home.

Circu specializes in "magical furniture," the site claims, selling dream-like décor that looks like it's been lifted from the pages of a fairy tale. The range includes a six-and-a-half-foot–tall Little Mermaid Bed in the shape of a clamshell and a billowing 10-foot-tall hot-air balloon bed.

Like all things, it comes at a price. Elle Decor reports that the beds range from $16,000 to $43,000 while smaller accessories such as a TV in the shape of a magic mirror retail for a "modest" $2000. Yes, most of this children's room décor cost more than an average year's worth of rent (which clocks in at $11,904) or even college tuition ($9410 for state residents at public colleges). In fact, if your child has his or her heart set on the top-of-the-line Bun Van Bed, it'll total more than rent and college tuition combined.

Browse a few of the brand's luxury children's items below, and tell us: Would you buy any of these?

Circu Fantasy Air Balloon Bed or Sofa
Circu Fantasy Air Balloon Bed or Sofa $29000

This dream-like hot-air balloon bed or sofa features a base made with the "traditional basketry technique," the site reads. It also features hidden drawers for storage. 

Circu Rocky Rocket Arm Chair
Circu Rocky Rocket Arm Chair $on request

Circu Rocky Rocket Arm Chair (price upon request)

Circu's hero limited-edition item is a hand-painted fiberglass chair shaped like a rocket ship, with an inbuilt lighting and sound system that can be controlled remotely via an app. 

Circu Little Mermaid Bed
Circu Little Mermaid Bed $16000

Circu Little Mermaid Bed ($16,000)

This fiberglass shell-shaped bed sits on a platform of faux rocks and has lights inside the roof. 

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