These Luxury Kitchens Will Make You Want to Cook All Day

What features do luxury kitchens have in common? Some answers are obvious: lots of marble, expansive islands, and high-end appliances. We all know the staples of an expensive space. But sometimes, even small details can make a kitchen look a lot more high-end than it really is. Want to upgrade your own? Whether you're planning a complete gut reno or just a small cosmetic makeover, take inspiration from these luxury kitchens. From pot fillers to hardwood floors, these are the details that will make your space feel instantly more elevated.

Add a Pot Filler

luxury kitchen with tiled walls
Courtesy of Catherine Kwong

One of the signs of a luxury kitchen is a pot filler. This tiny detail can make a world of difference for serious cooks—especially for cooking pasta or making large batches of broths and soups. Imagine never having to carry a heavy pot of water from your sink to your stove again. Note that this little luxury requires extra plumbing work, so only invest in it if it's useful for you.

Try Floor to Ceiling Storage

high-end kitchen with blonde wood walls and ceiling
Bauer Media/Trunk Archive

Kitchens are increasingly made to look like every other room in the house—this often includes foregoing upper cabinets (in favor of more visually pleasing features like large windows). Where to store all your kitchenware, you ask? Try reserving one wall of floor-to-ceiling storage. An extra-large kitchen island with storage drawers can also help make space for those heavy pots and pans.

Add Custom Cabinetry

luxury kitchen with all-white cabinets
Thomas Richter; DESIGN: Space Exploration and White Arrow

Another detail that's often found in high-end kitchens is custom cabinetry that extends all the way to the ceiling. Why leave a gap between your upper cabinets and the ceiling? Even when using ready-made kitchen cabinetry like IKEA, having a contractor do the extra work of extending them to the ceiling can make a big difference in the look and functionality of your space.

Go Monochrome

luxury contemporary kitchen
Courtesy of Robson Rak

There's something to be said about a monochrome, minimal space where all the textures subtly resemble and complement one another. In this Australian kitchen, finishes have a slight texture all in the same color palette, which gives the space a rich, understated feel. Consider this the new, more interesting take on an all-white kitchen.

Try a Statement Floor

luxury kitchen with herringbone wood floors
Courtesy of DeVol

We tend to default to tile when thinking of kitchen flooring, but especially in period homes, why not try a statement hardwood floor? The herringbone pattern in this townhouse gives the space an elegant, timeless feel that tiles simply cannot replicate. It also creates continuity with other rooms that also feature hardwood floors.

Go With A Waterfall Island

luxury kitchen with green cabinets
Courtesy of Space Exploration

Marble waterfall kitchen islands have been a staple in luxury kitchens for years now. Try giving your island a unique edge by painting the lower cabinets in a bold color, like in this kelly-green kitchen. This works especially well in smaller spaces with little natural light, where the all-white look can otherwise feel a little lackluster.

Create a Recessed Space

luxury kitchen with built-in, hidden appliances
Courtesy of Catherine Kwong

Another easy way to give your kitchen an ultra-high-end look is framing the backsplash and upper cabinets by creating a recessed space on the back wall where the stovetop is. Not only does this create a cleaner aesthetic overall, but it also helps delimitate a backsplash area to one wall only.

Add a Banquette

luxury farmhouse kitchen
Tessa Neustadt ; DESIGN: Amber Interiors

Here's a new alternative to traditional barstools. Why not take the extra space and create a dining space with a banquette? This is great for smaller spaces that don't allow for a kitchen island with stools and a separate dining area. It's also ideal for families with younger children, where counter stools are not always conducive to doing homework. 

Tile Everything

luxury traditional kitchen
Courtesy of Jessica Helgerson

Floor-to-ceiling tiles can seem like a costly endeavor—but they can also easily elevate a kitchen with low ceilings or one that has little wall space. In this kitchen, every surface from the marble-subway-tile walls to the high-gloss detailing on the ceiling has been meticulously considered—giving the whole space a luxe glow that's both understated and chic.

Mix Materials

luxury kitchen with tiled backsplash
Bauer Media/Trunk Archive

Even in a more traditional kitchen layout, small details in materials can make a big difference, Opting for textured handmade subway tiles instead of classic ones or choosing one feature wall to panel-in hardwood can give a basic kitchen a high-end upgrade. Being conscious of affordable materials that can be used in luxury settings—like stainless steel countertops—contributes to making a space feel a little more luxe.

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