Luxury Luggage That'll Make You Feel like a First-Class Traveler

If you travel a lot, having practical and stylish luggage can make life a lot easier. We're talking lightweight materials, sleek silhouettes, and rolling systems that make the airport a lot easier to maneuver. It's also well advised to opt for a suitcase durable enough to withstand even the toughest of baggage handlers. And designer suitcases usually fit that bill since they're both high-quality and fashionable enough to suit your favorite travel outfits.

Before you invest in luxury luggage—especially a piece or set that might be pricier than the actual plane ticket—you probably want to see all the options on the market. So take a look through our edit of all the luxury luggage that boast a class aesthetic (regardless of your actual seat location). Happy shopping, packing, and trails ahead.