In Honor of National Macaroon Day, Here’s How to Make the Dessert at Home

Updated 06/07/17
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You’re undoubtedly familiar with the French macaron for which Ladurée is famous—those colorful treats are having quite a moment. But, don’t discount the macaron’s distant relative, the macaroon. You see, it all started in Italy when bakers started whipping up cookies without flour, known as amaretti. The French macaron came to be when Catherine de Medici’s chefs took some creative liberties with the amaretti; macaroons were invented when Italian bakers began substituting shredded coconut for almond paste.

While the macaron is more of a meringue with a ganache or cream filling, the macaroon is chewy, filling less and topped with coconut… and also, just so good. In honor of National Macaroon Day in the States, we’ve rounded up three of the most decadent, delicious macaroon recipes. Scroll through, and then get baking.



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Minimalist Baker

For your first foray into macaroon-making, this recipe is a great pick. First of all, it only requires five ingredients—coconut, vanilla extract, maple syrup, coconut oil and dark chocolate—and it’s vegan. After you mix the first four ingredients and bake the treats, all you need to do is dip the bottoms into melted chocolate. How’s that for simple?


macaroon day
Minimalist Baker

The ingredients of golden milk—a mixture of milk, ground turmeric, and a sweetener—are the key to this yummy macaroon recipe (plus, the turmeric adds anti-inflammatory properties). All you need to do is combine the shredded coconut, turmeric, and a few spices in a food processor to create a dough. Once the half-moon-shaped cookies are formed, drizzle with milk chocolate and coconut oil for the ultimate glaze.


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Half Baked Harvest

If you’re looking to go big or go home, this is the recipe for you. Macaroons get fancied up with a toasted pumpkin seed topping and a drizzle of homemade caramel sauce. Plus, they're coated in a dark chocolate shell that’s reminiscent of those on a bonbon.

Be sure to read about the healthiest type of chocolate, and tell us how you’re going to celebrate National Macaroon Day in the comments.



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