20 Machine Washable Rugs That Make Life So Much Easier

For every room (and budget).

machine washable rugs

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When it comes to searching for the perfect rug, there are a surprising number of factors to consider. Between finding a rug that's durable, affordable, easy to clean, and, most importantly, the right size, it's a veritable minefield. But in an effort to prove that you don't have to choose between style and functionality, we've rounded up our favorite machine washable rugs to suit virtually any type of space, from the entryway to the living room to the bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom.

Here are our picks for the best machine washable rugs for any room.

For the Entryway

H&M Handwoven Cotton Rug
H&M Handwoven Cotton Rug $25

Given that an entryway is used multiple times a day, it's essential to opt for a rug that will hold up in a high-traffic area. A thin, flatweave rug in a durable material that can easily be tossed into a washing machine, like this handwoven cotton runner from H&M, checks all the boxes.

H&M Patterned Cotton Rug
H&M Patterned Cotton Rug $30 $15

A patterned rug boasting light tones like gray and crisp white instantly makes an entryway look lighter and feel more inviting. This affordable H&M find a great choice for brightening up dark floors and its rectangular shape makes it perfect for a long entryway or hallway.

IKEA Jörsby
IKEA Jörsby $20

For an entryway that gets a lot of use (think rain-soaked boots, muddy pawprints, and dripping jackets), opt for a dark-hued rug that won't show wear and tear easily. Made with synthetic material, this IKEA rug is durable, stain-resistant, and, most importantly, machine washable.

H&M Jacquard-Patterned Cotton Rug
H&M Jacquard-Patterned Cotton Rug $50 $33

To brighten up dark floors, a jacquard-patterned cotton weave rug in light tones like beige and cream is a great option. Although a light-hued rug in the entry may seem high-maintenance, this H&M find can simply be tossed in the washing machine after enduring lots of foot traffic.

For the Living Room

Project 62 Kenya Fleece Rug
Project 62 Kenya Fleece Tufted Rug $99

A plush fleece area rug is a great way to infuse a living room with cozy vibes. This under-$100 steal from Target is ultra-soft, durable, and it even boasts slip-resistant latex backing so you don't need to drop extra money on a rug pad. The black and white pattern is at once timeless and on-trend.

Target Vintage Willena Rug
nuLOOM Vintage Willena Rug $490

A vintage-inspired rug that already shows visible signs of wear and tear is an ideal choice for a living room. Given the rug's vintage feel, new scratches and stains will hardly be noticeable. This affordable find is 100% polypropylene so it's easy to clean if and when it does get spilled on.

Target Rug
Ruggable Noor Woven Rug Set (Cover and Pad) $350

Designed to be washed as frequently and as easily as bedding, this rug from Ruggable is perfect for those with kids or pets. The multi-color pattern effectively hides scratches and stains, keeping it looking like new for longer.

Urban Outfitters Zula Printed Chenille Rug $189

An ornately printed rug that can covertly conceal stains is a great choice for a living room. This bright rug from Urban Outfitters is made from a super-soft cotton chenille. Complete with fringe-trimmed edges, it's sure to make any living room look and feel instantly more inviting.

For the Bedroom

IKEA Törslev $20

In the bedroom, a durable, flatweave rug is a practical choice that's easy to care for. This IKEA find boasts the same pattern on both sides, so you can simply turn it over to extend its life. Complete with a classic pattern, it's $20 well spent.

IKEA Toftlund
IKEA Toftlund $10

Soft, cozy, and surprisingly durable, this plush rug is hands down the best buy for the bedroom. And at just $10, you can likely afford to splurge and place one on either side of the bed to make your mornings that much more enjoyable.

Phoebe Printed Rag Rug
Urban Outfitters Phoebe Printed Rag Rug $159

A rag rug is an excellent choice for adding a hint of color to an otherwise neutral bedroom. This rug from Urban Outfitters is also available in a blue multi-color pattern, but we're partial to this pink, orange, and blue version.

IKEA Sortsö $4

You can't go wrong with a neutral, beige rug—especially when it's priced as reasonably as this $4 IKEA find. Complete with a textured pattern, it's anything but boring. Place one on either side of the bed for a balanced, symmetrical layout.

For the Kitchen

H&M Patterned Cotton Rug
H&M Patterned Cotton Rug $40 $33

A long runner works wonders in a kitchen. This printed cotton rug from H&M is an affordable option at just $40. The ochre color is almost a neutral, making it ideal for a space with a minimalistic color palette. (Psst... It also comes in a dramatic dark blue dark turquoise color scheme.)

Vintage Odell Rug
nuLOOM Vintage Odell Rug $130

A vintage-inspired rug is a great choice for the kitchen. With visible signs of wear and tear built into the design, it won't show stains or spills easily. This nuLOOM rug is available in multiple sizes, so there's an option available for kitchens both large and small.

Denim Rug, Blue
One Kings Lane Blue Denim Rug $45+

Rag rugs are excellent for concealing stains, making them ideal for the kitchen. This blue denim rag rug from One Kings Lane is varied enough in hue to hide spills and stains but muted enough to work well in a minimalistic space.

IKEA Rörkär $25

At the affordable price point of $25, you can't go wrong with this IKEA rug. The black and white color scheme and subtle diamond print make this runner ideal for a space that's prone to spilled liquids, crumbs, and lots of foot traffic.

For the Bathroom

Opalhouse Round Bath Rug
Opalhouse Round Bath Rug $15 $12

Round rugs, like this lace-trim number, are a great way to furnish a small-space bathroom. Made from 100% cotton, this plush rug also offers a soft landing for when you step out of the shower. Simply toss it in the washing machine with your other bath linens to clean.

H&M Patterned Cotton Rug
H&M Patterned Cotton Rug $30 $13

A patterned cotton rug in a shade of dusty pink lends a pop of color to a neutral bathroom. This H&M find also comes in a pared-back shade of frost gray for those who prefer a more muted palette. At $30, you really can't go wrong with this machine washable rug.

Hand-Knit Rug
Parachute Hand-Knit Rug $69

To bring a bit of luxury to the bathroom, this hand-knit rug from Parachute is a splurge-worthy buy. Comprised of chunky cotton yarn, it feels luxuriously soft and plush underfoot. Complete with fluffy decorative tassels, it looks as good as it feels.

H&M Cotton Rug with Pompoms
H&M Cotton Rug with Pompoms $50 $40

Complete with non-slip protection and playful pom-pom trim, this cotton rug from H&M is equal parts practical and whimsical. The classic stripe pattern feels decidedly modern in a brown and white color scheme.

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