Don't Miss This MAJOR Auction of Mad Men Décor

AMC's recently retired series Mad Men was beloved for many reasons: its dynamic, complex characters and nuanced plot, sure, but also its stellar midcentury wardrobe and pitch-perfect art direction and set design. No other television show had delved so deeply into this period of American history and devoted itself so wholeheartedly to the task of getting every detail just right.

Now, fans have a chance to own a piece of some handsome double-layered history! On July 31, more than 1000 props from the show, sourced and selected by the series's lauded art department, will be auctioned off, and what's on offer is a Mad Men and midcentury enthusiast's goldmine. Featured in the sale is everything from home décor (kitchen sets! lamps!) to jewelry to Jaguar-emblazoned objects. Bidding starts rather low ($50 for smaller pieces), though prices will certainly climb quickly. For added fun, you can sort items by character, so if you're only interested in Don Draper or Joan Holloway paraphernalia (or more unexpected favorites, like Anna Draper), you can curate to your heart's content.

Scroll to check out some of our favorite items on offer—just try not to get too nostalgic.