This $28 Serum Was Made by MIT Scientists—and It Keeps Selling Out

Updated 05/05/19
Vitamin C Serum

Luxe skincare products often come at a steep price. Some are worth the cost, but you can find affordable alternatives with similar active ingredients that won't break the bank. Enter Maelove, the skincare startup with a $28 vitamin C serum developed by MIT scientists that has a habit of selling out. It's flown off the shelves four times, to be exact, Business Insider reports.

The Glow Maker antioxidant serum is formulated to hydrate and brighten the skin thanks to a combination of vitamins C, E, ferulic acid, and hyaluronic acid. Created by Jackie Kim and a group of MIT graduates with experience in everything from cancer and brain research to chemical engineering, it's no surprise that the science-backed skincare line is seriously effective.

According to the 1138 reviews, the product seems to live up to the hype. "I love the Glow Maker serum. Previously I was using a vitamin c serum that is triple the cost of Maelove. I'm very happy with the Glow Maker's results," a user named Lynnette T. writes.

Another fan, Georgette D., shares, "I'm 42 and starting to really change up my skincare game and this product is the MVP! Good vehicle for vitamin C because it works wonderfully under makeup."

Business Insider points out that the serum's ingredient list is similar to that of the popular high-end brand SkinCeutical's award-winning C E Ferulic Serum, which will cost you upwards of $150. Both include ascorbic acid, ethoxydiglycol, glycerin, ferulic acid, sodium hyaluronate, phenoxyethanol, tocopherol, and triethanolamine, which work to provide skin with day-long hydration, protection, and brightness. 

The brand also offers a face cleansing oil and mineral sunscreen; however, both products are currently out of stock. Shop the serum below before it sells out and keep an eye out for when the rest of the line is available again.

Maelove The Glow Maker $28
Maelove The Sun Protector $18
Maelove The Day Eraser $19

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