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Tour Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard's Boho Brooklyn Brownstone

Without even knowing that this Brooklyn brownstone belongs to actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard, one look inside and it's clear that artists inhabit the eclectic, bohemian home. The couple first purchased the impressive property back in 2006 when Gyllenhaal was pregnant with the couple's first child, and since then, they've created a place that perfectly fits their family's lifestyle.

"When we walked into this house, it really felt like a home to us," Gyllenhaal tells Architectural Digest in a recent feature. The brownstone, located in Park Slope, includes incredible high ceilings and creative spaces, like the music room where a single piano sits, and the parlor outfitted with a projector for hosting film screenings.

Of course, there are also the usual necessities, such as a study, multiple bedrooms, living rooms, and a dining room fit for entertaining. All of the rooms, however, are far from ordinary. Each has its own character, style, and absolutely unique décor. Keep scrolling to take a look inside the artsy home that's brimming with cozy details and eclectic touches.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard at Home
Gieves Anderson for Architectural Digest

Here, the undeniably cool couple sits in their startlingly light-filled study, a detail that's a bit of an anomaly for a home located in Brooklyn. "The light is beautiful and the rooms feel airy because the ceilings are unusually high," Gyllenhaal explains. The couple credits this facet of the home for their ability to properly display the wide array of art that they've collected over the years, which AD writer Julie Vadnal describes as "an eclectic mix."

In addition to the pieces found in this room, a walk through the entire home would reveal works by Matthew Barney, Yelena Yemchuk, Louise Bourgeois, and Jon Serl, no to mention a special piece painted by Sarsgaard's own grandfather and signed sheet music from jazz composer Ornette Coleman. With a collection like this, it's no wonder how the couple ended up in a home with high enough ceilings and the right amount of Southern exposure to create a well-lit space in the middle of the city.

Bohemian Study
Gieves Anderson for Architectural Digest

A full view of the study reveals even more striking details. The room is bursting with color, patterns, and delicate décor pieces all enhanced by the bright light that easily streams in through the tall window on the far side of the space. A minimal, white desk sits on top of a bold, red rug adorned in an intricate pattern. The red hue of the rugs stands in stark contrast to the mint green fireplace and complimentary teal lounge chair that offers a midcentury modern feel.

You'll also note a Visions of Eight poster that hangs above the saturated fireplace. "I was an athlete before I ever knew I was an artist, and they've always had something to do with one another to me," Sarsgaard tells the interior design mag. According to him, the movie represents a combination of art and sports that he admires.

Moody Dining Room
Gieves Anderson for Architectural Digest

Then, in the dining room, a darker, moodier atmosphere presents itself, thanks to the deep blue circular rug, the wood beam ceiling, and the teal ceramic tiles that surround a wood-burning fireplace. Although the décor undoubtedly falls into a darker color family, tall windows like the ones featured in the rest of the house let in ample natural light to keep the space from feeling drab. 

Along with mismatched wishbone chairs and a light oak wooden table, a delightfully whimsical chandelier takes center stage. Designed by Erik Höglund, the light pendant was a spur-of-the-moment purchase, according to Gyllenhaal. "Peter looked in the window and he was like 'Oh my God, I've always wanted one of those,'" she explains. After walking for a few more blocks, Gyllenhaal insisted that they at least take a closer look and see how much the piece cost. When they found out it was missing a few pieces of glass and came at a discounted price, they brought it home with them right then and there. 

Cozy Living Room
Gieves Anderson for Architectural Digest

One of the coziest spaces in the 3,600-square-foot home, this living room is likely one of the places Sarsgaard had in mind when he told AD, "There are lots of places to curl up with a book." The room contains yet another fireplace, which Gyllenhaal jokes is one of the home's "14 million fireplaces." While there aren't quite so many hearths inside the home, it certainly seems like there's one around every corner.

In addition to the fireplace, the vast collection of books is the other star of this space. "We try to get rid of books that we've read so that we don't have too many," Gyllenhaal admits. "We have an ongoing argument about that. I like to keep them and have a library that you can refer to, and Peter likes to get rid of them. So actually, we could have a lot more,” the actress shares.

Curious to see what the rest of this artsy home looks like? Head to Architectural Digest for the full tour.