Take a Mental Vacation With These Enchanting Magical Realism Books

Magical realism is one of the most unique forms of narrative fiction. It also happens to be one of the easiest genres to fall in love with. Weaving elements of magic and fantasy into a realm that's very much rooted in what we know to be real allows the reader to dabble in make believe without feeling unrelatable. They disrupt the notion of objective reasoning and perception, which can be really freeing.

Simply put, magical realism is the perfect genre for anyone with a big imagination and an appreciation for stories and characters they can really connect with and learn from. So whether you've been devouring magical realism books for as long as you could read, or you're curious to dabble in this hybrid of gritty reality and the divine, our reading list below will be just the mental vacation you're looking for. Read on to learn more about these enchanting magical realism books and add the most enticing to your own bookshelves.