The One Supplement a Neuroscientist Wants You to Take

a woman who takes magnesium
Harper and Harley

There's no shortage of multivitamins and supplements that are marketed as crucial to your health and well-being, but knowing how to discern between them takes serious skill and expertise. In an interview with Well+Good, neuroscientist and author Tara Swart, MD, shares the best supplement she recommends if you're stressed and close to burning out: Magnesium.

Apparently, stress drains your body's natural magnesium store, which is why it's crucial to take the supplement when your schedule is jam-packed. When we take a magnesium supplement, "our brain's higher executive functions are able to work more effectively, allowing us to think more creatively and flexibly, regulate our emotions, and make rational decisions," she explains.

If you'd rather up your magnesium levels via your diet, there are tons of magnesium-rich foods to try. Leafy greens, nuts, and seeds are all high in magnesium, but Swart says its more effective to take a powder or capsule every night if you're deficient.

Do you take magnesium when you're stressed? Tell us if it helps you stay calm and focused.

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