Soon, Your Phone Battery Will Last For 3 Full Months

Updated 10/10/17
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The future is finally here: A new material called "magnetoelectric multiferroic," engineered by researchers at the University of Michigan and Cornell, could mean we only have to recharge our phones every three months, reports Thrillist.

The new technology has "hugely exciting potential for environmentalists and tech manufacturers alike," as it will "allow computers of the future to operate using just a few quick pulses of electricity rather than a constant stream," like the phone and computer chargers we currently use. In other words, our phones will require much less energy to charge and will hit "low power mode" after a few months, rather than a few hours.

Put simply, the new technology "sandwiches together individual layers of atoms to produce a thin magnetically polar film that can be switched from negative to positive using a tiny pulse of energy," explains the lifestyle publication.

While the researchers admit that we're still a few years away from having a device that uses this new technology, the material is just as important environmentally as it is technologically. By 2030, electronics could reportedly account for half of our global energy consumption, meaning we need to find more efficient ways to use (and charge) them.

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