This Island Has Some of the Best Beaches in Europe (and It's Close to Barcelona)

For an island as postcard-perfect as Majorca, it's surprising how wildly reviews vary from traveler to traveler. To some, like We the People's Jessie Bush, it's home to "hands down the most beautiful [place]," while others regard the Balearic Island as a hotbed for resort-hopping tourists. The truth is that both descriptions are correct, which is why a curated guide with insider tips is crucial if you want to see the best Majorca has to offer. For those spending a few days in Barcelona, jumping across to Majorca is a no-brainer—it takes just an hour by plane and costs about $30 to $60 round-trip. After landing in Palma, you'll realize why the Spanish love this island. It's rich in history, effortlessly beautiful, and has some of the most incredible, crystal-clear waters you'll ever see in your life.

But don't take our word for it. We tapped Spanish locals and seasoned travelers to find out how to see the very best of Spain's jewel island, Majorca.


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