How to Never Miss a Connecting Flight Again

While there are many things that make air travel uncomfortable, one of the worst experiences is a delayed flight followed by a tight window of layover time. Making a mad dash through the airport as you try to catch your connecting flight is NOT fun. It’s stressful, cause for anxiety, and physically painful. Running from Gate 26 to Gate 54 with a rolling bag and an overstuffed purse with a laptop makes you sweat. Yes, I’m speaking from experience. However, there are ways to make your connecting flight a little easier, and USA Today recently listed some tips, which are highlighted below. 

Know the minimum connection time required at your airport. Apparently, each airline sets a standard minimum connecting time at every airport hub. This means that when you book your flight, the airline automatically adjusts the timing to be as close to the minimum connecting time as possible. If you do miss the connecting flight, know that the airline is obligated to get you on the next available flight, free of charge.

Fly on a single ticket when you need to connect flights. This will ensure that the time it takes to connect flights is taken into consideration. Also, lots of times many people are all on the same ticket, traveling to the same final destination, and if that is the case, the airline may choose to hold the connecting flight so these passengers can make it.

Stick to one airline or alliance on a connection. At big hub airports, the airlines try to make sure that their gates and their partnering airlines’ gates are close together.

Avoid two-ticket trips when connecting flights. Dont book a flight with two tickets on two totally different airlines. If your first flight is delayed and you miss your connection, the second airline will treat you as a no-show, and you’ll have to buy a whole new ticket. Plus, you won’t be able to check baggage all the way through both flights. You’ll have to leave the terminal altogether to pick up your bags, re-check them, and go through security again before your second flight. Just writing that makes me tired. 

Pad your schedule. Give yourself an hour or more between flights to ensure that you will make your connection.

For the rest of the handy connecting flight tips, visit USA Today.

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