What It’s Like to Be a Man in a Female-Dominated Office

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It’s an incredible time to be a woman. We’re finally breaking through the glass ceiling and taking on leadership roles in previously male-dominated industries, such as finance, engineering, and technology. More of us are speaking out too, sharing the stereotypes women face, challenges, and advice to help close the gender gap. But what about men who work in fields dominated by women? Thanks to the pay gap, we already know they earn more, but how is the experience of working mostly with female colleagues different? Well ponder no more, because we asked four men who work in predominately female-oriented businesses what the biggest differences are. Scroll down to read what these men really think about how women operate.

The Atelier
Adam Katz Sinding

“There is a lot of unabated and unashamed discussion about clothes.” — Michael, editor

“There’s a more nurturing environment. Not to say women aren’t as competitive as men, but the support of female co-workers feels more outward.” — Malcolm, gallerist  

“Girls have a lot of baggage. They bring about 300% more personal items into the office than males. They fill up their desks with accessories and who knows what.” — Nathan, IT director


Adam Katz Sinding

“When periods sync up—I don’t think I need to further clarify the end result.” — Evan, merchandising executive

“The men’s restroom is always empty; it’s downright spooky.” — Michael, editor

“Someone coming into my office in tears that they cannot find tampons.” — Nathan, IT director

Adam Katz Sinding for Le 21ème
Adam Katz Sinding for Le 21ème

“The extent at which hardworking women are conscious of working life, and being treated as their male equivalents.” — Michael, editor

“I am really shocked at how messy women are. The men’s bathroom is much cleaner than the ladies’.” — Nathan, IT director

“I work in a very hands-on business, and I'm always surprised how fearless my female colleagues are when it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get the job done. The women aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.” — Malcolm, gallerist

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