Exceptional Managers Don't Leave the Office Without Doing This Every Day

Updated 07/07/17

When you think about the best boss you've ever had, you likely credit them with at least some part of your personal career success—that's how much they influenced your life. A good manager can see your innate potential through your perceived flaws, inspire confidence you never knew you had, and ultimately alter your life's course for the better.

If you've recently found yourself at the helm of someone else's budding career, chances are you want to do for them what your most memorable mentor did for you. Of course, learning how to manage someone else (or a team of young professionals) with that same ferocity is no easy feat; it requires an entirely new set of skills, honing patience, diligence, and intuition.

What's more, your personal success as a manager now depends on the success of others. If you hope to motivate, inspire, and challenge your team in the same way your manager once did for you, consider Business Insider's list of habits of exceptional bosses, managers, and leaders:

  1. They display their sense of humor.
  2. They share their vision with the team.
  3. They communicate that the organization is bigger than one person.
  4. They understand that people have outside lives.
  5. They celebrate when things go well.
  6. They accept blame.
  7. They share credit.
  8. They know when to push harder and when to back off.
  9. They act ethically and set high standards.
  10. They lead by example.

Head over to Business Insider for more, and share what you'd add to this list in the comments below!

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