Are You a Manager or Leader? Here's How to Tell

How often do you take a step back from daily tasks and reflect on your own work quality and style? According to Forbes, managers are traditionally outward focused, while leaders are more self-aware and believe it's important to constantly evolve. 

The way you think about job roles says a lot about your leadership or management style. Managers adhere to a strict job description and see value in employees who fulfil their designated role, while leaders prefer people to look beyond the job description and show initiative to create their own role. 

Leaders have a defined vision and try to excite those around them by sharing their overarching goal. On the other hand, managers focus on mechanical tasks and make sure the day-to-day running of the business is going to plan. They are more task-oriented than aware of a bigger goal. 

Managers abide by the belief that workers are interchangeable and base hiring decisions on skill set. A key trait of natural-born leaders is that they look more closely at people's off-résumé talents and natural energy. Leaders will invest in people they believe could be a good cultural fit for a role, even if it involves extra training, while managers search for candidates to get the job done.

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