Successful People Focus on Managing This Instead of Managing Time


Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Since we first entered the workforce, and even back when we were students, time management has always been a skill we've tried to nail down to ensure our success. Effective time management is at the forefront of our minds whenever we consider ways to improve our performance in the workplace, and it seems like we're constantly negotiating how to best incorporate the practice into our daily lives. But, according to several studies highlighted in the Harvard Business Review, we could be getting it wrong.

The most successful people haven't figured out how to best manage their time. They've figured out how to best manage their energy. Much like the world's actual energy crisis, we face individual energy crises of our own when we push ourselves beyond our limits without taking a time out for self-care and renewal. Actions you may think are streamlining your day so you can spend more time getting things done—skipping breakfast, sharing positive interactions with others, engaging in purposeful activities outside of work—are all contributing to your energy deficit and eventually negatively impacting your professional performance.

To combat this, successful people identify rituals for building and renewing physical energy, like healthy eating and proper sleep. The time you do commit to work will be more energized and better spent, providing you with a more sustainable path to success and steering clear of burnout.

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