Mandy Moore on How to Be the Confident Woman We All Want to Be

Mandy Moore is not the same cheeky pop star she once was. When I first catch a glimpse of her from across the room at the Eveleigh Restaurant in Los Angeles, Moore is smiling, radiating joy as she chats with members of her team before we are set to enjoy a Friendsgiving meal together hosted by American Express Blue Cash Everyday. She exudes confidence, grace, and a casual likeability from the moment she introduces herself.

I’m seated at a table decorated with metallic-dipped pumpkins, twine-wrapped menus, and earthy centerpieces when Moore makes her way over to say hello. Despite her celebrity, speaking with her does not feel any different than catching up with an old friend. She is full of relatable anecdotes about the delay of her home remodel, holiday co-hosting plans with her future in-laws, and serious contemplation about the “rollercoaster” that is life. The This Is Us star is an open book when it comes to the arduous journey that led her to the grounded place she feels she’s reached now. Here’s her take on how the last 18 years of her career has brought her the confidence and security we could all use a little more of.