These Low-Lift Mantel Décor Ideas Will Get Your Space Ready for Fall

Now that it's almost Septemeber, we're gearing up for the seasonal transition and all that it entails (remember: Summer isn't officially over until September 22). As we say hello to fall, we also welcome cooler weather, which means more time spent indoors. And that means it's also time to start sprucing up our homes with cozy, stylish décor vignettes that make nesting more enticing. 

Enter the fireplace. Not only is it the perfect place to entertain around or spend a quiet night in with loved ones or a good book, but its mantle also offers up up a makeshift display area. So we gathered up 12 low-lift, affordable mantle décor ideas to inspire your own interiors as you prep the house for fall. Without further ado, here are 12 mantel decor ideas to use the full potential of this extra surface area.