Manu Feildel Reveals His Most Impressive Valentine’s Day Recipe

Updated 02/05/18

For those of you who are planning on cooking for your SO this Valentine’s Day (we’re impressed!), we have a foolproof plan just for you. Who better to learn the tricks of the trade from than the most charming celebrity chef we know, and My Kitchen Rules co-host, Manu Feildel. We chatted to the charismatic French cook who revealed his foolproof meal to cook for your valentine, how to impress in the kitchen, and his genius entertaining tips. Read on to become the partner-of-the-year.

What’s a foolproof meal to cook for your valentine?

I would have to say my “Scallop Sausage” recipe, or if you really want to impress –call it Scallop Boudin with Crab Bisque Sauce it’s really easy and works every time. You can prepare early, which will let you have more time with your love. Cook before serving, and they’re yours!

What do you believe is the key to a successful date?

Just be yourself, don’t try to be someone you think they would like. Running a little late (for the ladies) also works—keeps the guy in suspense.

What are the most important skills to have to impress in the kitchen?

Well, being able to cook for a start (laughs)! I find quick knife skills have always impressed, however, I would suggest a little practice before trying.

What is your favourite meal to cook for guests?

It all depends... if it’s for my friends living in Australia I love cooking outdoors on the barbeque. But if I really want to impress, a big rib-eye roast with a fantastic béarnaise sauce. Then there’s dessert, every meal must end with dessert, something with chocolate is my go-to, or if I don’t have time there’s always a Magnum!

What is your best entertaining tip?

Make sure you design a menu that allows you to prepare most of it beforehand, so that all you need to do is add the final touches when your guests arrive. Spending the time prior to a dinner party preparing, means you can actually enjoy the company and the meal.

What are the must-have essentials when entertaining at home?

French champagne is a must, fresh flowers definitely and some background music—jazz is my preference. Candles are great if it is a dinner, however never ever use scented candles, you want your guests to smell the food as they walk in.

Make sure you have the most adorable card waiting for your SO on their arrival.

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