This Maps App Will Save You When There's No Internet In Sight

Though one of the exciting aspects of traveling revolves around the notion of "getting lost" in a far-off destination, the reality of being stranded in a foreign place is much less romantic. Fortunately, Business Insider is spreading the word about the app Citymaps, which will save you in a panic (and spare you from those scary data-roaming charges that can occur abroad) by providing integrated routing and navigation capabilities that do not require an internet connection. In other words, you can now navigate your way around the world while offline.

What sets Citymaps apart lies in the details: The app goes beyond street names and subway stations by marking restaurants, coffee shops, stores, landmarks, and more. Brands can also provide their own logos and icons to pinpoint their locations, which transcends any language barriers. If you're not all about restaurants and retail, you'll find that beaches, museums, and parks are highlighted, too. The app also offers a personalized touch with the option to curate your own maps by entering and adding points of interest as you go. Imagine having Zara radar? Sign us up.

Since you'll need your phone for Citymaps, keep it protected while you travel with this tropical case from Sonix.