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23 Marble Backsplash Ideas That Fit Any Design Style

Kitchen with marble backsplash and gold accents

Design: Winter McDermott Design; Photo: Eric Striffler Photography

A beautiful kitchen renovation is all about the details. From a gorgeous tile floor to a stunning backsplash, the best kitchens are the ones the pay special attention to the little things. Your kitchen backsplash is not only useful—ever tried cleaning up spaghetti sauce from paint?—but it can make a big difference in a kitchen. An upgraded backsplash can be less expensive than, say, a full countertop, but it can still make a big impact in your kitchen.

Marble exudes luxury and elegance and is a great statement-making material for a backsplash. It can feel both trendy and traditional at the same time, and works wonderfully in so many different styles of kitchens.

If you're considering using marble in your backsplash, check out these great ideas. From modern to classic, there's a marble backsplash for every style of kitchen.

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Pair With a Bold Color

Green kitchen with marble backsplash

Naked Kitchens

Depending on the type, marble can be pretty and understated. A marble such as Carrara will have less contrast in the stone and works beautifully with bold cabinetry. Here, a stunning green kitchen pairs wonderfully with the subtle texture of the marble backsplash.

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Pair With Black Fixtures

Kitchen with black cabinets

Design: Black Lacquer Design; Photo: Jessica Alexander Photography

Moody, black kitchens are in right now, and we love the daring color scheme paired with a slab of rich marble backsplash. A marble with darker gray veins works beautifully with rich, black tones. Pair with black or gold hardware for a luxurious and modern look.

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Mix in Gold Tones

Modern kitchen with marble backsplash

Design: Black Lacquer Design; Photo: Mary Costa Photography

What's more luxurious than marble alone? Marble and gold. Elevate your marble backsplash idea with beautiful gold hardware, as gold pairs beautifully with lighter marble and adds a rich warmth to the space.

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Keep it Classic

Kitchen with marble backsplash

Christopher Peacock

A white slab of marble just screams classic and elegant. Instead of opting for a tiled backsplash, consider a marble slab instead. Because a slab is totally customizable to your kitchen, it adds an incredibly high-end and stunning look. Plus, a slab backsplash is often cheaper to install than individual tiles.

Love the slab look but can't afford marble? You can get the same aesthetic using quartz or even solid surface as well.

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Try a Picket Tile

Kitchen with marble tile backsplash

Veranda Homes

Though many marble backsplashes are made with a single slab, you can get a wonderful tiled backsplash without sacrificing the classic look of marble. Consider a picket or hexagon marble tile for a backsplash that is the perfect mix of trendy and classic.

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Extend the Marble into the Countertops

Kitchen with white marble countertop

Morgan Martin Interiors

Marble is a material that can play well with a variety of textures and styles. That said, if your budget allows, opting for a marble countertop that matches your backsplash is a great way to make a splash in your kitchen.

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Stick With White

Rustic kitchen with marble countertops

Left & Level

There's just something so charming and inviting about a white kitchen, and marble is a great material if you want to create a neutral, light kitchen. Pair it with natural wood accents and simple accessories for a clean, modern look.

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Pair With Butcher Block

Marble backsplash with butcher block

Levity Interiors

Butcher block countertops offer a minimal, Scandi-inspired vibe as well as a great place to do your meal prep. Pairing this low-cost countertop with a luxury marble backsplash slab is an unexpected way to mix materials and create a visually interesting space that is still very streamlined.

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Try Black Marble

Blue kitchen with marble countertop

Design: Black Lacquer Design; Photo: Eron Rauch

We typically think of marble as crisp and white, but this bold kitchen proves that black marble can be just as sophisticated and elegant. The white veins offer a stark contrast that is incredibly eye-catching, while the navy blue cabinets create a moody vibe.

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Go for Clean Lines

Modern kitchen with blue cabnet

Design: Black Lacquer Design; Photo: Jessica Alexander Photography

Marble offers a wonderful veined texture that provides endless depth and visual interest to your kitchen. Since it's so eye-catching, you can opt for cleaner lines throughout the rest of your kitchen to keep the emphasis on the marble.

Choose sleek, modern cabinets and understated hardware to compliment the backsplash and let it shine.

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Go for Gold Tones

Kitchen with rose gold marble accents

Design: Studio Author; Photo: Niamh Barry

If you can't get enough of gold, this Midas-inspired kitchen is for you. Here, a rich and earthy-brown marble pairs wonderfully with the gold island details and the fixtures. The lack of upper cabinets allows the backsplash to really make a statement.

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Pair it With Copper

Kitchen with copper pans hanging

Ann Lee Fuller

Marble is a classic material, which is why it works so well with other traditional materials such as copper. Opt for rich brass or copper tones throughout your kitchen to give it a traditional, warm feel.

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Mix in Mustard Yellow

Kitchen with yellow chairs

Design: Espresso Design; Photo: Kasia Fiszer

A subtle marble is perfect for pairing with bold hues. A slab backsplash lacks the textured grout lines of tile, so it won't feel overly busy when you bring vibrant colors such as mustard yellow or bright orange into the kitchen.

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Try Chevron Stripes

Kitchen with chevron marble backsplash

Stephanie Frees

An intricately tiled backsplash adds a lot of visual interest in a kitchen. Here, marble tiles are laid in a chevron pattern to create depth in an already luxurious kitchen.

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Splurge on a Luxury Stove

Kitchen with marble backsplash and gold accents

Design: Winter McDermott Design; Photo: Eric Striffler Photography

If you decide to opt for a high-end material like marble in your kitchen, consider splurging on a few luxury appliances as well. A six-burner stove is not only a stunning showpiece for your kitchen, but it's also incredibly convenient for any home chef.

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Mix and Match Backsplashes

Glam kitchen with marble behind the stove

Interiors by Peridot

Consider pairing a marble slab backsplash with a crisp porcelain tile for a layered look that is unique without becoming overpowering. Here, a marble slab frames the stove and pairs wonderfully with a simple full-length subway tile.

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Upgrade a Butler's Pantry

Butler's pantry with marble backsplash

Design: Gillian Lefkowitz; Photo: Ace Misiunas

Elevate your butler's pantry by outfitting it with a rich, textured marble. As a relatively fragile material, marble can be a great choice for those smaller, less frequently used spaces where you won't have to worry so much about dinging it up.

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Get Creative With Fish Scales

Mint green kitchen with fish scale marble

Michelle Berwick Designs

When working with a unique tile such as a fish scale, marble is a great material to highlight the shape even more effectively. Where a solid color fish scale tile may take away from the unique pattern, these marbled fish scale tiles play up the design without relying on dark grout.

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Keep it Small and Detailed

Kitchen with marble tiles

Hibou Design

Don't be afraid to opt for smaller tiles when working with marble. Marble is a material that looks beautiful on both a large and small scale, so it is a lovely choice if you want to create a more detailed look with undersized tiles in your backspash.

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Add Some Texture

Kitchen with layered tiles

Massanelli Construction

A marble tile with lighter gray veins works beautifully in a textured tile look like this one. The more subtle contrast in the marble allows for an eye-catching, layered look that adds a ton of texture and visual intrigue.

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Combine Marble and Natural Wood

Wooden modern cabinets

Kate + Co Design Inc

Newsflash: brown cabinets are in again. Create an upgraded mid-century vibe in your kitchen with natural brown cabinetry paired with a rich marble backsplash.

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Install Exposed Shelves

Kitchen with exposed shelves

Jessie's Interiors

Marble is a stone that should be shown off, so instead of using upper cabinets, consider exposed shelving instead. That way, the beauty of the marble peeks through behind your storage.

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Extend the Marble to the Ceiling

Butler's pantry with marble backsplash

Veranda Homes

If your budget allows, marble slab can provide a backsplash that looks beautiful all the.way to the ceiling. The contrasting colors of the marble create a lovely accent in this more traditional shaker-style kitchen.