20 Stylish Marble Bathrooms, From Small Spaces to All-White Ones

Soaking tub with marble backsplash and black-trimmed window

Design: Studio LifeStyle

Marble bathrooms are one of the chicest spaces in the house. For example, there's something about the luxe veiny stone that makes a small utilitarian space feel elegant. Yet there are numerous ways to introduce marble in your bathroom, even when you're on a budget.

Whether you use it on your floors, in the shower, on your sink, or simply in smaller accessories, marble will instantly elevate the look and feel of your bathroom. Get inspired with these 20 jaw-dropping marble bathrooms plus tips for incorporating the look in your own home. 

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Don't Fear Contrast

marble bathroom with matte black shower door frame

Design: Studio LifeStyle

This all-marble space by Studio LifeStyle is the ultimate luxury. Pale marble paired with matte black door frames emphasizes the sophistication of this space.

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Try All-White

marble bathroom with wood, woven accents

Design: Amber Interiors

This bathroom by Amber Interiors features a marble floor and marble shower to create a luxe and layered space. The rest of the room is left white with just a few neutral accents to let the marble shine.

Mix in some small earthy accents like baskets, wooden side tables, and vintage rugs, which can make an all-white bathroom feel luxe and layered.

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Go Big

marble bathroom with light wood flooring, pedestal sink

Design: Jeremiah Brent

In Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's bathroom, a luxurious veiny marble draws the eye straight to the shower while continuing throughout the room. Notice it in baseboards, backsplashes, and door frames. 

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Get an Interesting Sink

Bathroom with black marble sink and copper fixtures, globe pendant light

Design: Space Exploration Design

If you can't have a bathroom that's entirely covered in marble, why not try a marble sink? In this small New York City space, a black marble sink stands against a sunset-hued mural to create a moody space. Plus, black marble and copper look fantastic together, especially when paired with muted blue-gray walls.

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Install Marble in Unexpected Places

marble bathroom with twin pedestal sinks, wood floors

Design: Jeremiah Brent

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent installed a single marble statement wall with pedestal sinks in their former NYC home. This veined marble was the ideal choice for a neutral and elegant statement.

If you're thinking of creating a marble statement wall, consider adding a shelf. This subtle detail will look chic once you arrange a few accessories on it to break up the wall space.

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Pick a Palette

marble bathroom with arched entryway, black-trimmed windows

Design: Studio LifeStyle

As far as we're concerned, this is what our dream bath looks like. In this marble space by Studio LifeStyle, a marble wall with an arched door separates the rest of the bathroom from the freestanding tub, which is accented with a wooden stool and magnolia branches.

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Opt for Tiles

marble bathroom with recessed vanity, patterned area rug

Design: Amber Interiors

In this luxe bathroom by Amber Interiors, the double vanity is recessed, creating an alcove with a chic marble-tiled wall. The same tone of marble is extended to the vanity countertops and floors.

Recessing a vanity and creating a border of moldings around it is a great way to create a custom feel in your bathroom. 

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Take a Cue From the Spa

marble bathroom with black-and-white floor tile

Design: Studio LifeStyle

Who wouldn't want to start their morning in this elegant walk-in shower? The cool-toned marble gives this space a spa-like sophistication that we can't get enough of.

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Pair With Brass

Marble and brass master bathroom

Beauty Is Abundant

Pair marble with brass fixtures to really glam up a bathroom. A glass shower door not only showcases the floor-to-ceiling backsplash and recessed shelving but also serves to keep the space open and airy.

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Triple the Texture

White marble and white subway tile bathroom

Brophy Interiors

In a monochromatic bathroom, pair a marble sink with tiles of different shapes and sizes for dynamic texture. For example, notice this bathroom's larger bathtub subway tiles in contrast with the floor's penny-sized hexagonal tile.

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Add Framed Art

Master bathroom with light wood vanity, marble sink

Brophy Interiors

A framed art piece adds personality to an otherwise minimalist, modern bathroom. A marble sink and bathtub backsplash keep the overall look sophisticated.

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Go Maximalist

Marble bathroom sink, wraparound tiled walls, round mirror with patterned border

Brophy Interiors

Don't be afraid to mix pattern and texture. In this bathroom, a marble sink stands out amongst floor-to-ceiling, multi-colored stacked tile, and a mirror with its own patterned border. Bright botanicals make the entire scene pop.

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Try It Floor-to-Ceiling

Bathroom with marble backsplash, floating vanity, dark chevron pattern tile flooring

Brophy Interiors

Floor-to-ceiling marble bathroom walls won't seem overwhelming when paired with subtle design choices, like a floating vanity and matte black fixtures. This bathroom feels fresh and inviting.

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Choose a Corner

Spacious bathroom features marble vanity backsplash, high ceiling

Reena Sotropa

Instead of wrapping your entire bathroom in marble, choose a more compact space, like a vanity backsplash. It's also easier to maintain, meaning you'll only need to regularly reseal that portion of marble to prevent stains.

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Contrast With Floral

Wallpapered bathroom with marble sink, flower bouquet behind toilet

Desiree Burns Interiors

This bathroom still looks minimal even with the contrasting pattern of the marble sink's veins and floral wallpaper. The trick is to choose wallpaper in a soft, neutral color. In a smaller bathroom, clean countertops keep the space sleek and polished.

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Go All-Gray

Marble sink with gray cabinets

Charbonneau Interiors

Mimic the gray veins in your marble and opt for matching tones. Varying shades of gray in the cabinets, walls, and criss-cross patterned backsplash looks cool and cohesive.

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Keep It Sleek

Gray and white bathroom with marble sink, zig zag pattern til floor, step-in shower

Charlie Interior Design

Variations of the black-and-white color palette never go out of style. In this bathroom, shades of gray in the marble countertops, and shower backsplash fit right in with the black-trimmed mirror and picture frame, and white walls. This sleek color scheme is embellishment enough.

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Pair With an Area Rug

All-white bathroom with marble jack-and-jill sinks, patterned area rug

Calimia Home

In a minimalistic bathroom like this one, a patterned area rug will punch up visual interest. White walls, storage, and a marble jack-and-jill sink feel crisp, while the area rug grounds all design elements.

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Select Hexagonal Tile

Bathroom with marble, hexagonal-shaped shower tile, concrete sinks

Blue Copper Design

Want to blend trendy and classic? Select hexagonal, marble (or marble-look) tile for your bathroom. A black-and-white color palette ensures the space remains timeless for years to come.

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Style With Wood

Bathroom with hexagonal marble shower tile

Blue Copper Design

A marble and subway tile bathroom like this one gets an instant warm-up with wood flooring. Matte black fixtures elevate the environment.