Behold the Marble Bathrooms That Made Our Editors' Jaws Drop

Marble bathroom ideas

Courtesy of Studio LifeStyle

It's no secret that marble bathrooms are basically the chicest thing ever. There's something about the luxe veiny stone that just makes a small utilitarian space feel so elegant. And while our dream might be to have a room that's entirely covered in marble (in a subdued, modern way—not in an opulent over-the-top way), there are a million ways to introduce marble in your bathroom even on a tiny budget. 

Whether you use it on your floors, in the shower, on your sink, or simply in smaller accessories, marble will instantly elevate the look and feel of your bathroom. And it doesn't have to be white, either. We've seen stunning iterations of bathrooms featuring black, gray, even purple-hued marble. Are you ready to give your space the marble treatment? These are the most jaw-dropping marble bathrooms to get you inspired. 

Luxury Shower

Marble Bathrooms
Courtesy of Studio LifeStyle

Is there anything better than a double marble shower overlooking a private courtyard? We don't think so. This all-marble space by Studio LifeStyle is the ultimate luxury.

When building a shower, small details like a recessed shelf of a bench can make a world of a difference in your daily routine.

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Marble Floor and Shower

Marble Bathroom Ideas
Courtesy of Amber Interiors

This bathroom by Amber Interiors features a marble floor and marble shower to create a luxe and layered space. The rest of the space is left white with just a few neutral accents to let the marble shine.

Small earthy accents like baskets, wooden side tables, and vintage rugs can make an all-white bathroom feel luxe and layered.

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High Contrast Marble

Best Marble Bathrooms
Courtesy of Jeremiah Brent

In the bathroom of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, a luxurious veiny marble draws the eye on the shower, while continuing throughout the room in baseboards, backsplashes, and door frames. 

Do like Berkus and Brent and use marble in unexpected ways to create a unique space. Choosing a bold colorful marble is also a great way to make your bathroom stand out.

Demiluna Marble Console Table
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Double Walk-In Shower

Marble Bathrooms — Showers
Courtesy of Studio LifeStyle

By now, we're pretty much convinced that marble double showers are the definition of success—who wouldn't want to start their morning in this elegant space?

Choosing the right statement door for your bathroom can be as important as selecting the marble. If you have space, a couple of hooks in the shower also go a long way in keeping your space organized.

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Marble Sink

Marble Bathroom Sinks
Courtesy of Space Exploration

If you can't have a bathroom that's entirely covered in marble, why not try a marble sink? In this small NYC space, a black marble sink stands against a sunset-hued mural to create a moody space.

Black marble and copper look fantastic together, especially when paired with muted blue-gray walls. Don't always default to white marble.

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Marble Statement Wall

Marble Bathroom Walls
Courtesy of Jeremiah Brent

In Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's old NYC bathroom, they installed a single marble statement wall with pedestal sinks. This veined marble was the ideal choice for a neutral and elegant statement.

If you're thinking of creating a marble statement wall, consider adding a shelf. This subtle detail will look chic once you arrange a few accessories on it to break up the wall space.

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Arched Marble Entrance

Marble Bathroom Designs
Courtesy of Studio LifeStyle

As far as we're concerned, this is what our dream bath looks like. In this marble bathroom by Studio LifeStyle, a marble wall with an arched door separates the rest of the bathroom from the freestanding tub, which is accented with a wooden stool and magnolia branches.

If you can't afford a full marble wall, the lower window ledge is a place to end the backsplash so it looks intentional.

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Double Marble Vanity

Marble Bathroom Tiles
Courtesy of Amber Interiors

In this luxe bathroom by Amber interiors, the double vanity is recessed, creating an alcove with a chic marble-tiled wall. The same tone of marble is extended to the vanity countertops and the floors.

Recessing a vanity and creating a border of moldings around it is a great way to create a custom feel in your bathroom. 

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