Drop-Dead Gorgeous Marble Fireplaces to Keep You Warm All Winter Long

Updated 12/01/17
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When the outdoors no longer feel welcoming, there’s no better respite from the winter air than at home curled up with a blanket and a good film or book. The only thing missing from this picture is a crackling fire in a gorgeous fireplace.

Whether you frequently use your living room’s hottest asset or you’ve never lit a fire, it’s time to give your home the upgrade it needs. One eternally trendy décor element is the marble fireplace. According to interior design experts Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl of Studio Life.Style, marble fireplaces have always been in style. Take some sage advice from the pros and be inspired by some of these seriously beautiful marble fireplaces.

all marble fireplace
Heidi's Bridge

“We think picking a stunning piece of marble is the first step in creating an eye-catching statement fireplace,” Wollack and Zwickl say. For a true statement piece, let the marble speak for itself, and decorate the fireplace with a bold piece of art hung above or propped up on the mantel. It will surely be the first element noticed in the space.

Jeffrey Kraus Untitled - 06 Painting ($750)

fireplace designs
Lindsay Salazar Photography DESIGN: Studio McGee

For an updated and modern feel, let the marble serve as an understated accent to a crisp white fireplace. Wollack and Zwickl recommend beginning this process by coming up with a general idea of the color you want the marble to be. If white is what you imagine, use marble to add dimension and freshness to an all-white color palette.

marble fireplace ideas
Liljencrantz Design

"Marble can work with all décor,” Wollack and Zwickl have decided. If you prefer a more cohesive look, opt for a muted color that can be easily introduced to your existing décor. Play up the color of the marble with similarly toned chairs or accents.

West Elm Rings Fireplace Andirons ($79)

marble fireplace inspiration
Catherine Kwong

“Marble fireplaces have always been in style, but people are starting to be more playful with the scale, different types of materials, details, and styles,” they say. Take the scale of your marble fireplace to the next level by letting it command an entire wall. There’s nothing chicer than floor-to-ceiling marble above a modern horizontal fireplace.

CB2 Chuck Log Holder ($100)

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Brittany Ambridge

Vein variation is another way to give personality and flair to a room. Marble slabs come in all different colors with different kinds of veining—from hardly noticeable to strong and impactful. “No marble is like another,” according to Wollack and Zwickl. “It can be kept clean and classic, or it can be funky with color and heavy veining.”

Crate and Barrel Antiqued Brass Log Holder ($129)

Brittany Ambridge

You’ll want to consider the entire space before you embark on this interior upgrade project. “People sometimes overlook all the other elements. The interior of the fireplace, the hearth, the mantel, the accessories—they only replace the marble for an upgrade,” Wollack and Zwickl say. Instead, think about your surrounding décor and how you’ll utilize the actual fireplace. Who says it can’t be used as a makeshift bookshelf?

Serena & Lily Solid La Jolla Baskets ($78)

marble fireplace designs
Alyssa Rosenheck

In order to get the job done right, you’ll want to leave it to professionals so you end up with a gorgeous and clean marble fireplace. “ Best to have professionals scale the fireplace and also the help of a fabricator with laying out the cuts for the marble so the most beautiful parts are highlighted,” they say. When it’s done right, you’ll hardly need any accessories to enhance your statement-making fireplace.

Anna New York by RabLabs Dual Bud Vase ($175)

marble fireplace
Alyssa Rosenheck

If sticking to a budget is a priority, there’s a way to upgrade your fireplace without breaking the bank. Wollack and Zwickl divulge that you may not need to purchase a full slab of marble depending on the design and size of your fireplace: “Ask the stone yards for partial slabs or broken slabs; that’s a great way to save money.”

Skultuna Small Candlestick ($118)

Marble fireplaces—love them or leave them? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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