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These 35 Marble Kitchens Are the Stuff of Interior Design Dreams

Marble waterfall countertop in Mid-Century style kitchen

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Whether you're a budding gourmand or a cooking novice, you've likely conjured up images of your dream kitchen at least a few times. No matter your culinary skills, the kitchen will always be a pivotal space in any home. It's where people gather to not only share a meal but also to spend time together.

If your design style skews on the side of luxury, we're willing to bet good money marble is already on your dream kitchen checklist. However, marble can be incorporated into just about any design style successfully. And if looks alone aren't enough to convince you, marble is also a highly durable material that can withstand high temperatures and protect itself against scratches and cracks from everyday use, making it a practical choice. Keep scrolling for a look at 35 stunning ways to incorporate marble into your dream kitchen.

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Embrace Tradition

Teal and marble traditional kitchen

Design: Emily Henderson Design; Photo: Sara Tramp


This one's a no-brainer, really. Marble and traditional design go together like peanut butter and jelly—just take a look at this modern take on a traditional kitchen for the proof. Trimmed out teal cabinetry pops against white walls and subway tiles, marble counters, and warm wood floors. Dreamy.

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Add Historic Flair

Rustic modern kitchen with navy cabinets, open wood shelves, and marble herringbone backsplash

Bespoke Only

Pay homage to the marble's rich past by incorporating classic elements, like in this Brooklyn kitchen that features a tilted herringbone marble tile backsplash, crystal chandelier, and vintage décor.

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Pair Black and White

Modern kitchen with dark wood cabinets, aqua backsplash, and contrasting marble counters.

Cathie Hong Interiors

Is there a more classic pairing than black and white? We think not. This California kitchen updates the look by using a playful aqua tile backsplash and mixed wood tones to warm up the contrasting black and white countertops.

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Max Out

Modern kitchen with marble countertops, backsplash, and table

Amy Bartlam

If you're one of those people who just really loves marble (no judgment here) or if you get a really good deal, don't hold back. Go all out like this ultra-modern kitchen—marble counters with waterfall edges, a marble backsplash, and marble table and stools add up to a sleek space dripping with luxury. Just make sure you offset all that stone with warm elements—rich wood and gold accents do the trick here.

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Have a Monochrome Moment

Monochromatic white kitchen with modern touches

JK Interior Living

While marble is adept at stealing the show, it's more than capable of taking a supporting role, too, like in this fresh all-white kitchen. Understated marble adds depth to the white-on-white look and creates subtle visual interest. This look could work with other colors of marble, too—select your slab of stone before committing to a palette.

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Modernize It

Modern kitchen with geometric and woven elements

Anne Sage

Even a playful modern kitchen can benefit from the addition of marble. In this whimsical space, relaxed elements like woven pendants, a geometric island treatment, and pops of pastel are grounded by black cabinets and a marble backsplash to create a balanced and down-to-earth space.

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Pump up the Contrast

Dark, moody kitchen with bright white marble counter and backsplash

Ashley Montgomery Design

Who doesn't love a good dark and moody vibe? We know we do! That said, a dark kitchen needs some brighter elements in order to stay functional—here, light wood open shelves and a crisp white marble backsplash pop beautifully off the dark navy walls. That stark contrast is undeniably chic.

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Cover the Floor

High ceiling modern kitchen with white cabinets, marble floors, and wood accents

Maite Granda

Usually when we think of marble kitchens, we see sleek countertops and backsplashes—but marble flooring can be just as elegant and, as a bonus, is a durable tile choice. This Florida home contrasts ultra-modern cabinetry with classic marble floors and rustic wood elements for a balanced look.

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Take It to the Top

Modern kitchen with wood cabinets and marble countertop and backsplash

Bespoke Only

If you're making the commitment anyways, why stop at a backsplash? Take marble all the way to the ceiling for an extra sophisticated edge. Here, open shelves allow maximum marble exposure and create stunning contrast between warm wood and solid stone.

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Pair Materials Thoughtfully

Rustic kitchen with marble countertops and handmade tiles

Katie Hackworth

When pairing marble with other materials, consider carefully the aesthetic you're aiming for. In this Mediterranean-influenced kitchen, textural tile bricks contrast with sleek marble and antique brass for a rustic look from another century. Had this designer chosen, say, polished subway tiles and copper fixtures instead, the look would be entirely transformed.

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Keep It Cozy

Cozy kitchen with white cabinets and marble backsplash

Arbor & Co.

It's not just grandiose kitchens that benefit from the addition of marble. If you're working with minimal square footage, incorporating marble could be just the right touch of sophistication your small-but-mighty space is craving, like in this functional corner kitchen.

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Take the Plunge

Marble waterfall countertop in Mid-Century style kitchen

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Take a cue from this Texas kitchen and extend your marble countertops to the floor waterfall style to exponentially increase the luxe factor in your space. We don't know whether it's the dramatic marble counters, the dreamy sage, white, and wood color scheme, or the swanky midcentury vibes, but we can't get enough of this design.

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Let It Sink In

Traditional style kitchen with navy cabinets and marble countertop and sink

Amy Bartlam

As you're hopefully learning, marble is more versatile and durable than people realize. The designer of this kitchen took advantage of that by continuing the marble countertop straight into the sink for a totally seamless and streamlined look. This modern element helps balance out more rustic elements like the beamed ceiling and graphic tile floor.

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Mix Materials

Modern kitchen with wood panelling, blue tiles, and marble counters

Tyler Karu Design + Interiors

Just because marble is a traditional kitchen component, don't be afraid to mix and match it with more unconventional materials. The designer of this Maine kitchen paired marble countertops with handmade cerulean tiles and warm wood paneling to create a unique, subtly mid-century vibe.

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Step to the Ledge

Traditional kitchen with sage cabinets and marble counters, backsplash, and shelf

Calimia Home

A look we've been crushing on for some time now is the extended backsplash ledge, and marble is the perfect material choice. It's not just stylish, but practical too. You'll be surprised at how much counter space you gain when you move small everyday items like cutting boards, salt and pepper shakers, and pen cups out of the way.

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Enhance Vintage Vibes

Mid-Century Modern kitchen with white cabinets, navy backsplash, and marble counters

Cathie Hong Interiors

The use of marble countertops in this Mid-Century Modern style kitchen is proof that the material can be incorporated into any style beautifully. If your vintage-inspired kitchen is feeling a little too casual, consider adding marble elements to bring that touch of elegance that your space is craving.

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Elevate a Country Kitchen

Modern country kitchen with blue and white cabinets and marble backsplash

Amy Bartlam

Every country kitchen needs some sophistication to counteract all the rustic elements. Marble is the perfect material to do just that, whether it's through countertops, a tile backsplash like in this country chic kitchen, or any other creative use.

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Shape Up

Coffee bar with white cabinets, wood shelf, and geometric marble backsplash

Reena Sotropa

When it comes to tile, think outside the box, as marble tiles come in many shapes and sizes beyond the humble rectangle. Geometric tile can emphasize a modern aesthetic, like in this stylish coffee nook, while more abstract options like fish scale tile lend themselves to an eclectic, global style.

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Dream a Little Bigger

Ultra modern kitchen with blue and wood cabinets and marble walls and counters

Laura Brophy Interiors

This modular kitchen is the result of fearless interior design. Don't be afraid to dream big—going all-in on an extended marble island with a waterfall edge, marble countertops, and marble walls, for instance. Let your thoughts get carried away and you might be surprised where you end up.

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Play With Pattern

White kitchen cabinets with chevron marble tile backsplash

Design: Pure Salt Interiors; Photo: Vanessa Lentine

These days, people aren't afraid to mix it up with patterned tile backsplashes, and marble tile is no different. Have fun testing various layouts for your tile before committing. This chevron backsplash adds personality to an otherwise simple kitchen while tying together the white cabinets and gray countertop.

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Strip Down

Modern and minimal kitchen with white, black, wood and marble elements

The Home Consultant

Marble is often associated with luxury and maximalism, but it can work just as well for a minimal aesthetic, too. Take this kitchen, for instance—the blend of white, wood, and marble creates an organic palette that plays beautifully with the minimalistic features including a single floating shelf and squared-off vent hood.

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Glam It Up

Modern glam kitchen with white, marble, and gold accents

JK Interior Living

Maybe you prefer a more glamorous feel in your home? If so, opt for marble with metallic veining, like in this luxe New Jersey kitchen. The silvery veins pop against pure white and subtly contrast gold accents for a decidedly upscale look.

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Take a Shelfie

Traditional kitchen with slate blue cabinets and marble counters and shelves

Katie Hackworth

Marble also makes for gorgeous open shelves—especially if you find yourself with extra material after your countertops have been cut. Not to mention they're a breeze to clean. Just be careful when you're loading and unloading items, as it's not so easy to repair chipped stone seamlessly.

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Remember Sleek is Chic

Ultra modern kitchen with black and white cabinets and marble counters and backsplash

Becca Interiors

If you tend to lean into sleeker styles, let this ultra-modern kitchen be all the proof you need that marble can get the job done. Paired with straight lines, a neutral black-and-white palette, and chrome accents, the result is a clean, timeless aesthetic worth drooling over.

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Forget Matchy Matchy

High end kitchen with blue and white cabinets and beige marble

Whittney Parkinson Design

If the design world has instilled in us one message over the last 20 or so years, it's to avoid matchy matchy at all costs. The designer of this Indianapolis kitchen has clearly mastered the art of coordinating—not matching—colors and materials. Beige-hued marble ties together cream, blue, and wood cabinets for a look that feels sophisticated and unexpected.

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Pull up a Chair

Marble breakfast bar with leather and wood accents

Design: Pure Salt Interiors; Photo: Vanessa Lentine

The humble breakfast bar is one of the most functional aspects you can add to your kitchen. By simply extending your marble countertop 10 to 12 inches past your cabinets (with adequate support, of course), you gain additional workspace, a spot to eat, and a designated place for guests to gather when you're hosting.

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Introduce Color

Open, modern kitchen with beige marble countertops

Jenn Pablo Studio

We know, we know, this kitchen doesn't exactly scream color. But did you notice the subtle yellow tone and wide striping of the marble island countertop? That touch of color adds a whole new dimension to the space, breaking up the black and white palette and tying in wood and woven accents throughout the room. It's details like this that have the power to transform a space.

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Turn up the Volume

Bold blue kitchen with marble counters and backsplash

Studio Peake

For those who classify themselves as risk-takers with a "go big or go home" mentality—this one's for you. Take marble to the next level by pairing it with a bold and bright color, like the designer did in this teal kitchen. Bonus points for textural details, like the vertically paneled cabinets seen here.

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Think Pink

Bright kitchen with white walls, pink cabinets, and marble counters and backsplash

Anne Sage

One of the best things about marble is its neutrality—as is, it's neither feminine nor masculine, but it can enhance a space that leans in either of these directions. Here, pink-hued cabinets, bright white walls, marble surfaces, and gold accents add up to an elegant, feminine vibe.

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Go Green

Modern kitchen with green cabinets and marble counters

The Home Consultant

Green seems to be having a moment lately, and we're not here to get in the way. We love the way white and gray Carrara marble pairs with earthy green cabinets for a timeless look in this California kitchen. Gold details really put this space over the top.

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Banq on It

Marble dining banquette

Katie Hackworth

If you're wary of making any big commitments, settle for a more understated use by means of a marble dining table. Here, a marble table adds just the right touch of elegance to a somewhat rustic banquette setup featuring dark wood and shiplap.

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Reinvent the Butler's Pantry

Modern Butler's pantry with marble counters and tile

JK Interior Living

Not every home has a butler's pantry, but for those that do, consider incorporating marble for a touch of class. And if you've used marble in your kitchen, repetition is a great way to link the two spaces for a cohesive feel. This sunny butler's pantry uses marble on marble and contrasting cabinetry for an updated take on traditional design.

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Lighten Up

Soft, beachy kitchen with light blue, marble, and gold accents

White Sands

Find the softer side of marble by keeping things light, bright, and fresh. The designer of this Southern California kitchen used marble tile to bring a classic feel to the airy powder blue kitchen, resulting in an almost ethereal feel—perfect for a beach cottage.

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Pour Yourself a Drink

Bar area with marble counter and dark blue floral wallpaper

Whittney Parkinson Design

Don't neglect the wet bar! Marble is the perfect material in this home bar to tie together all the bold elements present—brass, glass, and that fabulous wallpaper. The subtle pattern of the marble adds another element of class and keeps the space from leaning too whimsical.

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Accessorize Wisely

Close up of kitchen details with gold, marble, and stone

Design: Pure Salt Interiors; Photo: Vanessa Lentine

As they say, the devil is in the details, and we know only too well how accessorizing can take a space from zero to 100. Marble accessories like vases and cooking tools can add that extra layer of sophistication that your kitchen is craving. On these expertly styled open shelves, stone, aged brass, and weathered wood pop against a fresh white backdrop for a look that is oh-so-chic.