10 Pieces That Prove Marble Doesn't Need to Be Expensive

Luxury for less

Updated 09/07/19
Marble Wallpaper
Walnut Wallpaper

From Calacatta and Statuary to Carrara, marble is an endlessly gorgeous material. As with most beautiful, luxe natural resources, it's not the most affordable thing to decorate with. To get the glamorous statement look at home without breaking the bank, marble wallpaper will save the day. Not only is it taking our favorite shops and brands by storm, but it also creates an affordable timeless and elegant aesthetic.

We decided to scour the web for the best options to adorn our walls and line our surfaces with, including hyper-realistic, photograph-like marble options as well as more abstract and artistic versions. Ready to start browsing? Get your measuring tapes ready. Let's start with the moodier sheets of marble wallpaper and work our way down to the light and bright options. 

Wallnut Wallpaper Levante $175

In a deep, dark grape hue, this wallpaper is the perfect way to intensify any space. It's also a great way to experiment with color without going over the top since it's dark enough to work as a neutral as well.

Eskayel Dynasty $114

With rich watercolor splashes of indigo and black, this wallpaper is pretty much a piece of art.

Graham & Brown Marbled Charcoal and Rose Gold Wallpaper $60

Rose gold and chocolate? Sounds like the dream team to us. Use it as a backsplash for a hint of brooding style, or go full throttle and cover a small bathroom in it. 

Eskayel Alabaster $114

If you fancy a little mystery, introduce some fog-like intrigue with this roll of stormy wallpaper. Its intense color pallet is balanced out by the soft textures and print.

Walnut Wallpaper Travertine in Aquamarine & Gold $98

This peel-and-stick removable wallpaper will reconcile warm hues in your space with the cooler shades. We recommend this one if you want to create a coastal vibe, or if you live in a rental that doesn't allow permanent changes to the walls.

Anthropologie Marbled Metallic Wallpaper $118

This is as understated as metallic walls will get. If you want a textured, glamorous look without overdoing it, go for gold with this paper.

Urban Outfitters Marble Removable Wallpaper $39

Another roll of the removable variety, this wallpaper is as easy and as stylish as it gets. With frosty blue marble veins and gray strokes throughout, it will undoubtedly beautify your walls.

Calico Linger $85

Transform your interiors into a cotton candy sky oasis with this dreamy wallpaper. A mix of marbled mint and ballet pink, it will cheer up any environment. We'd love to see it in a nursery. 

Murals Wallpaper Cracked Coral Marble Wall Mural $35

With cheerful coral flecks throughout the icy blue base, this marble wallpaper is much like the option above, only it's less impressionistic. So if you want to make your surfaces look like actual marble, this will do the trick.

NuWallpaper Carrara Marble Removable Wallpaper $5

And now for the classic take on marble wallpaper… We bring you this bright white version of the trend. It's super convenient, too, since it's self-adhesive and easily removable.

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