Decorating With Marble Wallpaper: 10 Ways To Sport This Luxe Look

Elegant marble wallpaper
Ambient Dizajn
A moody home bar designed by Elena Frampton, covered in Flat Vernacular's marbled Levante wallpaper, in Pressed Grape.
Photo: Joshua McHugh for Architectural Digest Design: Elena Frampton for Frampton Co

Marble's timelessness and elegance are celebrated the world over, its grandiosity unparalleled. Used to construct the world's most exquisite sculptures, memorials, and natural wonders, it has long been seen as a powerful statement of wealth and excess due to the stone's tremendous beauty, quality, and relative scarcity (it's quarried directly from the earth's crust and can't be machine-replicated). Its price tag, however, can be a bit daunting.

If you aren't exactly full of money but still want a taste of the good life, enter marble wallpaper (aka your new best friend). Yes, wallpaper can be pricey. But we're confident these 10 stylish options are well within one's reach. While you can use them to cover entire walls, consider them for smaller projects, too, like lining the back of a bookcase, giving a bedroom dresser new life, using them as picture mats, or even framing them as artwork. Just get that measuring tape ready: You'll need it. These selections are sold in varying widths, lengths, measurements, and repeats.

Swirled Neutral

Wallpaper with black and gold marbled designs on a wall above a kitchen sink.
Tempaper Marble - Onyx $98

Temporary wallpaper has come a long way—better adhesives mean it's no longer the bane of every interior designer (and contractor's) existence. Tempaper's peel-and-stick wallpapers are easy to apply, simple to remove without ripping off half the wall, and come in tons of fresh, design-forward patterns like this bold, swirled version that resembles trails of black and gold ink dropped into a tall glass of milk. In the right space, this paper reads like a neutral backdrop.


A wall covered in blue stylized marble wallpaper with gold veining.
Flavor Paper Fracture mural $12

One can never go wrong with Flavor Paper: The wabi-sabi qualities of this vast indigo-hued mural are just so good. Inspired by Japanese Kintsugi pottery, where broken pieces are patched together and mended with powdered-gold lacquer, this wallcovering features a marbled blue background randomly interspersed with golden seams and is digitally printed on matte-vinyl and eco-friendly papers.

Cocoa Dream

Marbled brown and black wallpapered wall with a black arch lamp and a vignette with vases.
Graham & Brown Marbled Charcoal/Rose Gold $85

Rose gold and chocolate: A definite dream team. Use it in small doses for a just a hint of brooding drama, or go full-throttle and completely envelop a powder room. Here, dark charcoal and metallic accents comingle to create chocolatey swirls that look good enough to eat.

Speckled Whimsy

A neutral terrazzo patterned wallpaper behind a mirrored console table with a lamp and butterfly artwork.
RoomMates Multicolored Terrazzo Peel and Stick $35

RoomMates is another removable wallpaper brand that gets it right—and it even lets you test out swatches before you fully commit. This terrazzo print, albeit busy, would look so good as an accent wall in an all-white space; it's just the visual texture you need without any excess fluff.

Tiled and Futuristic

Blue and purple wallpaper in a graphic marbled pattern.
West Elm Drop It Modern Marble Print in Seafoam $117

Drop It Modern's Peel & Place removable wallpaper is always fresh and on-trend, and won't leave a sticky residue behind if you ever decide you want it gone (but you won't). This futuristic blue and green tile pattern looks slightly psychedelic, too, and would be great for lining drawers and door panels and amazingly at-home in a coastal retreat.

Renaissance Whirls

A blue and mustard-colored marbled wallpaper sample.
DwellStudio Medici Marble - Indigo $110

According to Dwell Studio, this wallpaper's all about the "art of the mix." This verdant, whirling pattern recalls the artistry promoted by Italy's influential Medici Family (thus the name), highlighting the inner elements of classic marble by reinterpreting it in stylish, modern colors.

Abstract and Fluid

A large-scale blue and white marbled wall mural.
MuralsWallpaper Pour Blue Marbled Wall Mural $4

Impactful, fluid, and tranquil in one, this massive abstract-marble mural creates a grand statement on its own—you wouldn't have to do much else with this on the walls. Its blue veining and white background give off some major modern-Chinoiserie vibes, too.

Cotton-Candy Oasis

A pink and green marbled wallpaper mural behind a black square ottoman and black accent chair.
Calico Microcosmos - Linger $85

A hazy blend of mint and ballet-pink splotches, spills, and swirls coalesce to transform any surface into a dreamy, cotton-candy oasis. This marble wallpaper is tranquil enough to blanket a nursery or quiet reading nook. 

Onyx Patchwork

Tiled pink marbled wallpaper behind a console table with two round sculptures.
York Wallcoverings Candice Olson Modern Nature $100

Although this wallpaper begets a stylized version of natural stone, it looks very real to us: This dynamic, patchwork-style pattern looks exactly like overlapped sections of variegated onyx marble. A dining room or entry would benefit from its boldness and sophistication.

Deep Purple

Purple marbled wallpaper unrolled from the roll.
Flat Vernacular Levante Pressed Grape Marble $50

Although the color purple seems very now, it's really a classic revered for thousands of years. ("Purple" actually appears in the Bible more than 50 times.) This intense wallpaper is destined to be an age-old keeper, too. It features a deep plum background marbled with juicy grape and graphite-hued inks that could even work as a neutral if one were so bold.

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