This Is How to Successfully Marie Kondo Your Entire Life

Japanese organization consultant and minimalism mastermind Marie Kondo has patented the art of clearing the mind by way of clearing clutter. Outlined in her New York Times best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the KonMari approach requires a nuanced understanding of joy, namely in terms of identifying which inanimate objects bring a sense of joy to your life.

But hidden in this masterful organization method is an even more profound life lesson. By requiring you to give thanks for all of the many possessions surrounding you, wanted or not, Kondo's coveted method will change the way you view possessions, abundance, and, ultimately, life in general. “No matter how much you’ve discarded, your philosophy on what you ‘need’ will have changed,” writes MindBodyGreen of the KonMari method. “You not only learn that what you have is just enough, but also recognize a sense of abundance and thankfulness when you look around your home and only see ‘joyful’ things.”

The KonMari method also encourages you to live in the present, asking you to make room for new hobbies, projects, and passions by purposefully discarding the old ones. “Instead of feeling guilt or sadness when confronting that unused yoga mat or tennis racket, discard it with purpose,” summarizes MindBodyGreen. “You may have enjoyed them … in the past, but in getting rid of them you are making space for the hobbies you’re pursuing now, in the today.”

Marie Kondo enthusiasts: What has the KonMari method taught you about life?