A First Look at Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy

Marie Kondo fans, listen up! The Japanese organization expert and the mastermind behind the book that became a worldwide sensation, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, is releasing her highly anticipated second book in a few days, on January 5. Spark Joy is an “illustrated master class on the art of organizing and tidying up.” The radical credo described in the book is known as The KonMari method and it is built upon the principle of discarding anything that does not bring you joy.

Architectural Digest has a first look at Kondo's second book, which “goes deep into the details: Leave only the shoes you have worn that day in your entryway. All unnecessary papers should be removed from your desk, but a small plant is suitable to keep.” The book is broken up into easy-to-follow sections like how to recognize what sparks joy, how to fill your home with joyful things, and how to store those things; there is even an encyclopedia of tidiness. Hungry for more? Check out a few of the diagrams from Spark Joy below.

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Have you put any of Marie Kondo’s philosophy to practice in your life?