Marie Kondo's New Travel Accessories Are Already Sold Out

Updated 03/19/18

Just in time for spring-cleaning, the woman responsible for changing the way the world declutters is back to transform the way we pack. Marie Kondo, the creator of the KonMari method and author of best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, just collaborated with leather-goods brand Cuyana—whose motto is "fewer, better things"—to bring the world a set of travel accessories that will keep you organized as ever the next time you take a trip.

The set of three small cases is intended to store small items during travel—while keeping travelers from overpacking. The trio, available in three color combos, fits snug inside Cuyana's jewelry cube ($115). The set includes a square, circular, and long rectangular box. Kondo explains to Condé Nast Traveler that the compact cases were inspired by Japanese bento boxes. "People pack their rice, side dishes, salad, and even dessert in bento boxes with care and love," Kondo describes. "Having a set of smaller cases works as a divider and helps store items [in the jewelry case] intuitively with joy, just like with those bento boxes."

Cuyana x Marie Kondo Cases $180

It comes as little surprise that when Kondo prepares for travel, she follows the same method she employs when decluttering and maintaining a clean, organized home. "When I pack for a trip, I make sure to pack only the things that spark joy for me, which would also help me build a comfortable environment similar to home," she explains. "By having items that I know would support me wherever I go, I can depart with a sense of joy, excitement, and comfort." The item Kondo herself packs away in her travel kit?

Aroma sprays to clear the air at her destination. "I use them to purify the air, change the mood, and relax before I go to bed," she says.


Whatever you choose to store in your cases, by organizing by category in the each small container, Kondo insists you can be more intentional about what you're bringing, the space it takes up, and ultimately resist overpacking. Better yet, she advises leaving anywhere from 10% to 15% of your suitcase completely empty when packing. "My tip is to think of this space as room for 'spark joy' souvenirs," she says. Her travel case collaboration is already sold out but will be back in stock and available on May 7.

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