Cue the Carb Overload: We've Just Found Our Go-To Vegan Pasta Joint in Sydney

Updated 11/01/18
Mark + Vinny's Italian Restaurant Surry Hills
Esteban La Tessa

Pasta and a spritz—two of life’s small luxuries, especially after a long week at work. So you can imagine how excited we are at the arrival of an Italian restaurant in the heart of Sydney’s Surry Hills that specialises in both: Mark + Vinny's Spaghetti and Spritz Bar. Founded by acclaimed restaurateur and owner of Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne, Mark Filippelli, and his business partner Vince Pizzinga, the duo enlisted Icebergs and The Dolphin alumnus Adrian Jankuloski as head chef. What does all that mean?

A truly special dining experience is guaranteed. 

What sets Mark + Vinny’s apart from other Italian restaurants is its extensive vegan and vegetarian options—a true testament to the possibilities of merging traditional Italian cooking with our ever-evolving diet preferences and health needs. Whether you’re in the mood for (Instagram-worthy) blue tagliatelle or a vegan carbonara topped with a vegan egg yolk, Surry’s latest addition will suit even the fussiest of eaters. It also has a number of fresh seafood and meat dishes and for the gluten-intolerant, pasta dishes are available with gluten-free pasta.

Go grab your chicks and spritz.

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