This Is Exactly How Martha Stewart Would Organize Your Closet


Courtesy of Martha Stewart

How would Martha Stewart organize your closet if she walked into your home? The media mogul has built an empire on perfecting the art of decorating, entertaining, and, yes, organizing—so it's no surprise that her own closet in Bedford, New York, is essentially perfection. Beyond the fact that it's obviously ultra organized, it features small details designed to make life easier, including valet bars with laminated hanger tags like "launder by hand," "TV appearance," and "upcoming trip." Delicate items have their own dedicated drawers—each piece individually wrapped in acid-free tissue paper. Labels on every drawer help keep the system in check.

Not everyone could maintain this level of immaculate organization, but that doesn't mean we should throw in the towel altogether and let our clutter run rampant. To help with your own closet organization, we asked Martha Stewart herself how she would organize your closet. To do so, we had members of a private Facebook décor group ask Stewart all their burning closet-storage questions. Ahead, the organization queen shares all her secrets. All you have to do is take a few hours out of your weekend to implement the system.