Martha Stewart Does More Before 8 A.M. Than Most People Do All Day

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We'd argue that Martha Stewart is just as famous for her homemaking skills as she is for her versatility. The 76-year-old mogul has fronted 15 different TV shows, written over 100 books, and single-handedly created a media empire out of her first and last name. Unsurprisingly, we're just as fascinated with Stewart's morning routine as we are with her vision as a businesswoman. She recently sat down with New York Magazine's The Cut to dish on how she gets it all done, and she casually unveiled a schedule that would make a 25-year-old balk. In Stewart's words, read about her approach to exercise, breakfast, supplements, and more.

On Rising Early

"I have no shades on my windows, so I usually wake up with the sunrise, which has been around 5 a.m.," she told the magazine. "I generally read the New York Times right away. I have my iPad right next to my bed, and I do the mini crossword puzzle—if I haven't done it before I go to bed (the new one is posted around midnight). It's sort of a habit I have. Then I get up, and I take my shower. Then I go back, and I read the New York Times, and I might open the doors to let the cats out."

On Working Out

"At 6 a.m. I take my shower and wash my hair or whatever else I have to do, and then I get to the gym by either 6:30 or 7 a.m., depending on what time my trainer gets there. I usually take the two French bulldogs with me to the gym, and then I work out for an hour."

On Breakfast

"I'll have my half-shot of cappuccino, a small one, with whole milk. If I don't have it then, I can have it on my way to New York or when I get to New York; I'm not an addict. That's my usual cappuccino for the day. I like to have either a soft-boiled egg, a four-minute egg from my chickens, or I have a bowl of wheat germ or a bowl of spelt."

On Commuting to Work

"So then I get in the car, I have my New York Times, my Wall Street Journal, and my New York Post—in paper form. I also have it on my iPad, but I like to look at the pictures and stuff on my ride in the car, and then I do the sudoku, and I do the KenKen, and I talk on the phone, and I do all that stuff on my way into the city."

On Supplements

"I take vitamins at different times during the day. I only take what I feel I need that day. I take lysine. It's a natural supplement that is good for stress and good for nerves and that kind of stuff. It's very effective. I take vitamin D, I take calcium and magnesium, and I drink my green juice. That has a tremendous amount of vitamins in it, so that's made out of stuff I grow. I grow my own spinach all year round. I grow my own mint, my own parsley, generally my own cucumbers, my own oranges and lemons, and I always put an orange or a lemon in the juicer for that fabulous taste."

On Office Life

"I stop by the Martha Café in the lobby of my building. It's my café, and I check in with them—if I haven't had a coffee at home, I'll have my same half-shot of espresso with my crema. And then I go to work upstairs on the ninth floor, where the day begins whenever I get there, and I generally have meeting after meeting all day long."

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Head over to The Cut for more on Martha Stewart's daily routine, and read up on how she pairs wine with food next.

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