How to Make Your Kitchen Feel Brand-New—Martha Stewart Tells All

Upgrading a kitchen can be daunting for a few reasons: It's not something most of us do often, it feels more permanent than swapping out pillows seasonally, and it can seriously impact the value of our homes. No wonder it can lead to some serious questioning and doubt. Only professionals who are seasoned renovators can adequately anticipate issues and provide solutions to maximize the value of a kitchen. So when we heard that Martha Stewart herself was launching PureStyle Kitchens, a new line of cabinets for Martha Stewart Living with state-of-the-art storage solutions, we were compelled to ask the homemaking maven about all things kitchen renovating.

Instead of asking her questions at random, we turned to our Instagram community to find out what their burning kitchen renovating questions were. Ahead Martha Stewart herself answered 11 of them. From her favorite neutral paint colors for cabinets to her thoughts on open shelving, here is everything the TV host wants you to know before updating your kitchen. You'll be glad you read this before your next renovation.

And now, inspiring kitchen backsplash ideas for your next renovation.