Martha Stewart Answers All Your Burning Paint Questions

Updated 05/05/19

We may think we know a lot about paint colors and decorating in general, but there's no way we'll ever come close to Martha Stewart's depth of expertise. The media maven built an empire on her knowledge of homemaking and decorating, from ways to declutter your bathroom counter to paint colors that increase your home's selling price to how to organize your linen closet. So when Stewart launched her new paint line at Michaels, we had to pick her brain on all things paint color.

Far from simply asking her questions at random, we asked our Instagram followers what burning paint questions they were actually struggling with right now—and picked the most popular ones for Stewart to answer herself. Curious to know if dark colors actually make a room feel smaller or how to match paint colors to an existing wall? Don't start painting a room without reading this first. Get paint ideas from the master homemaker herself.

"You can make any color a neutral. You can dilute a color or add even the slightest suggestion of another color to a white, gray, beige, or dark neutral. You can go very, very light or very, very dark. Think greige, browns, blacks, navies, dark greens, and teal. You can find a shade of a color that reads neutral."

Paint Ideas—Neutrals
Courtesy of Hernandez Greene
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"This is one of the largest misconceptions about dark colors. When walls are dark, you don’t know where the room ends, you can't see the corners. Dark colors do not make a room small; it is actually the complete opposite."

Paint Ideas — Dark Bedrooms
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"First get paint chips to compare to the color. Then sample several colors that are closest. If you don't want to paint onto the wall you are trying to match, paint a board or sample on a different surface and hold it in the middle of the wall to see what color matches best."

Paint Ideas — Matching Wall Color
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"How light changes is the whole point of testing colors. Test swatches on each wall of a room, and look at them at different times of the day to find what you like. Colors are supposed to change throughout the day."

Paint Ideas — Natural Light
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"Always test four to five colors and make large swatches of each. Look at the swatches at different times of day. Light blue shades like Antique Sky, Blue Agave, and Parisian Blue from my Martha Stewart Vintage décor paint line at Michaels all look beautiful in moderate or intense natural light."

Paint Ideas — Light Blue Paints
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"You shouldn't approach color from a trend or fad point of view. That is the quickest way to get something that soon feels out of style. Choosing colors should be a personal choice so that the color feels timeless to you."

Paint Ideas—dark navy blue
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Next up: This designer-approved paint color trend will be everywhere.

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