These Master Bathrooms Are So Luxe, They're Practically Fit for Royalty

The height of luxury just might be having a master bathroom in your home that looks and feels as opulent and lavish as the spa at a five-star hotel. Imagine slinking away to a freshly drawn bath wrapped up in a plush robe surrounded by stunning décor, mood-enhancing plants, and a sweeping view of the city or countryside visible from floor to ceiling windows. While this fantasy might not be completely attainable depending on your home's square footage, there are plenty of ways to give your own bathroom the spa-like upgrade it deserves. 

You can hang art, employ decorative stools, position a tall plant, install better lighting, or simply invest in a few soothing wellness products to bring the spa to you. In fact, a well-placed diffuser or candle can seriously transform a space. To get inspired, take a look at these 12 undeniably extravagant master bathrooms practically guaranteed to make you crave a bubble bath. While each one may seem more grandiose than the next, you'll find that there are small ways to transform your space into a sanctuary almost as glamorous as these master bathrooms.