The Key to Designing the Perfect Master Bedroom

To provide the ultimate feeling of luxury and sophistication, I am always in favor of adding a piece of furniture at the foot of a bed. Depending on your spacial limitations, that could come in the form of a narrow bench, a pair of over-stuffed ottomans, or a settee. When styling your bedroom, it's important to prevent obstructing your walkways so choose an anchor for the foot of your bed that is both functional and -- literally -- a good fit.

The Key to Designing the Perfect Master Bedroom

In a Small Space: If your room is limited in size, a narrow bench is the perfect piece. I love the idea of using something rustic or metal to add texture and dimension to an otherwise soft and serene room.

In a Medium-Sized Room: I personally like the look of a pair of ottomans at the end of the bed. This provides an extra place to perch, but is also airy enough to allow you to see the texture of your rug or floor. In a Large Space: If you have a large bedroom, consider adding a settee or, for a more unique take, layering vintage trunks. Sourcing vintage pieces is a favorite pastime of mine. And bring home vintage finds really adds an element of character and travel, creating an eclectic end result. Do you have styling or design question for Estee? Tweet it to us @DomaineHome using #AskEstee. estee-signature-layout Photograph: Taylor Borsari