The Matcha Tea Trend Craze Explained in Under 3 Minutes

Even though we're still fully behind Karlie Kloss's famously accurate opinion that "coffee is a gift from the heavens," dialing back on the caffeine every now and then is a quick and easy detox to add to your morning routine. Enter our favorite morning coffee alternative—matcha tea. 

Why? With its anti-aging and antioxidant-rich contents, matcha is the latest superfood trend credited with keeping its fans youthful and energized. High in B-complex vitamins and rich in amino acids, calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese, the highly potent green tea has the ability to boost your immunity, ramp up metabolism, improve digestion, control your stress, and even assist in weight loss. Learning how to drink matcha tea correctly requires a bit of finesse. In this helpful and educational video, Eater offers up a crash course in the benefits of the trend, along with instructions on how to master matcha tea recipes in your own daily routine. Drink up!

Opening Image: The Healthy Chef



Have you adopted the matcha tea trend yet? There's no time like the present. All you need is the proper guide (see below), and it's easy going green.