A Celebrity Stylist's 5 Simple Tips for Creating a Maternity Capsule Wardrobe


Geri Hirsch

It should come as no surprise that expectant mothers have to get as comfortable as possible with change. There are the obvious bodily shifts that occur, as well as the necessary adjustments required around a home. There are also numerous doctor's appointments to fit in and impending work schedules to consider. And then, of course, there's the biggest development of them all: knowing that soon a baby will come and really change everything.

Given all of that, it's equally unsurprising to learn that creating a maternity capsule wardrobe is one welcome switch that moms-to-be are willing to make when everything else is in flux.

"Not feeling like yourself can be very daunting when getting dressed every day," Caley Rinker, a celebrity stylist and mother to 2-year-old Weston, says. "Having a capsule collection allows you to know what to put on with having to think too much about it."

Rinker describes a capsule wardrobe as consisting of 10 to 15 versatile head-to-toe pieces that can be put together fast: a few basic tops, a couple of casual bottoms (including skinny jeans and leggings), a jacket, and a more upscale dress. "Finding pieces that are effortless and easy to mix and match is key," she continues. But since this is the case for anyone who is looking to minimize their closet, what should pregnant women keep in mind when simplifying for this specific period in their lives?

We ask Rinker to give us five guidelines to follow when building a maternity capsule wardrobe, and they're as straightforward as this overall fashion philosophy. If you have a baby on the way, these suggestions should provide a stylishly simple closet—and more importantly, some much-appreciated peace of mind.