This Simple Purchase Has the Power to Totally Transform Your Bed

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Let’s face it: Your bed is one of the most—if not, the most—important parts of your home. 

From clocking in a precious eight hours, to spending an entire week binge-watching whatever’s on Netflix (guilty), to endlessly scrolling through Instagram when you should be cleaning your apartment (guilty again), there’s a good chance you spend a lot of time in your bed. So why not invest in some pieces that are specifically designed for a good night’s sleep?

Most of us place a lot of emphasis on a great mattress or set of sheets—and, don’t get us wrong, they’re totally important—but there's another product we rarely talk about that can totally transform your bed: mattress toppers.

“The biggest benefit is that you're adding a supportive layer of foam to your bed, which refreshes your mattress and gives it new life,” explains Heather Corrow, the product development of Allswell says. 

Depending on your make and model, some mattresses can last as long as seven to 10 years. However, most of us are ready to trade in our old mattress for a newer option as soon as we start feeling some questionable lumps or sagging. The problem is, most mattresses can set you back a couple hundred—if not, thousands—of dollars. And let’s be honest, who has the disposable income to get a new mattress every few years? 

That’s where mattress toppers come in. Averaging around $100 a pop, you can easily add this plush layer to give your bed that like-new feeling. In addition to faking your way to a new bed, a mattress topper can also help you find the perfect firmness level. Allswell, for example, has three types of mattress toppers to choose from. 

mattress topper
Allswell 4” Memory Foam Mattress Topper Infused with Copper Gel $99+

“They allow our customers to experiment with different technologies and firmness levels at an affordable price,” Corrow says. “I always thought I liked a firmer mattress, but have recently discovered that a bit of plush on top is actually my first choice, as long as there is adequate support beneath it.”

A mattress topper might be the unsung hero of your bedding, but how are you supposed to find the best one for you? While price point, brand, and firmness level is your choice, Corrow recommends finding a topper with cooling effects.

“Memory foam toppers can sleep hot, so look for one with an open cell foam construction, or additional cooling technology,” she explains. 

Chances are, you're going to spend a lot of time laying on your mattress topper, so it’s a good idea to make sure it's free of harmful chemicals or ingredients.

“It's important to look for the CertiPUR-US certification with any memory foam toppers so you can be confident they're free from mercury, lead and formaldehyde,” Corrow explains.

Just keep in mind that if you purchase a super thick mattress topper, you might also need to find a fitted sheet with deep pockets. But, hey, it’s a small price to pay for a good night’s sleep

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