Maxine Waters "Reclaiming Her Time" in This Viral Video Is All of Us

Updated 04/22/19
Chelsea Guglielmino /Getty Images

Last week, the U.S. Representative for California's 43rd congressional district, Maxine Waters, unintentionally coined a new rallying cry during a House Financial Services Committee hearing, Vox reports. While questioning Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin about an unanswered letter her office had sent regarding Trump's financial ties to Russia, Waters repeatedly said "reclaiming my time" after he attempted to stall his answer over and over again.

"We don't want to take my time up with how great I am," Waters interjected after Mnuchin continued to try and sugarcoat his response with a series of formalities, some complimentary to Waters. The video of the hearing has since gone viral, with many taking the procedural phrase "reclaiming my time" to essentially mean, "My time is precious, and I'm not here for your bullshit."

Of course, this applies to many things in life: half-hearted relationships, mansplaining, unnecessary work emails—essentially anything that incites a massive eye roll. On a broader scale, the phrase addresses the importance of assertiveness and maintaining a sense of self-worth; it's about realizing that your time is valuable and acting according to that notion.

Watch the viral video below, and share your take on "reclaiming my time" in the comments.

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