Mercury Is in Retrograde—Here's What It Means for You

At MyDomaine we want to prepare you for all of life’s challenges, and what better way to do that then get some foresight from the stars? Each month, we’ll be bringing you your horoscope along with a power product to help you get through the month, brought to you by our resident horoscope expert, Rose Theodora. Whether you’re changing careers, moving into a new home, or getting married, consider yourself in good hands. Ahead, Rose shares what's in store for you this month—and what you'll need to get through it.

You may have heard the rumblings in the office, on the streets, or in your home: Mercury is in retrograde. Again. And it seems that no sign is safe. But it turns out this month, Mercury being in retrograde might be a good thing: It can bring inner growth, which is crucial to help you achieve your dreams. So that sounds all well and good, but you may be wondering what exactly is a retrograde? It's when a planet appears to be moving backward, but really it's receding (pulling away) from the Earth. Planets are magnetic, that's how they affect us. Our bodies rely on planetary support, so when their magnetism lessens, we don’t feel as supported. Retrograde means to go back in time and translates to a do-over—a second chance to get it right.

So here’s how to make the most of it this month. Don’t focus on any new endeavors. Instead, rethink business decisions and contracts; call your cable company to see if you can get a reduced rate or discount; fix things around your house; deal with persistent family issues—in a nutshell, you should aim to clean up the past, so that you’re working with a clean slate moving forward.

Mercury will be in retrograde until May 22, which affects travel and communication. Don’t invest in any electronics during this time. Instead, contemplate old business decisions—refine them, double-check that all your emails have been sent, follow up with people, and lastly triple-check everything. Ready to dive into what’s in store? Find out how these retrogrades will affect you—and pick up your power product to help you get through it.

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