Watch Out, Justin Timberlake—May Horoscopes Are Here

Updated 05/24/18
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May Horoscopes 2018

In May, we’re transitioning from tactile Taurus to thought-driven Gemini. Taurus wants everything to be experienced hands-on, but once the sun slides into Gemini on May 20, you’ll notice your mind starting to race. It’s a good feeling if you’re willing to indulge your curiosity and connect with some new people, places, and ideas that pique your interest. Just don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by all the fresh stimuli. Channel Taurus’s slow, methodical approach and ground yourself with routines that can keep you sane once the breakneck Gemini pace kicks in. If you have good habits on your side, you’re going to love this energy.

You’ll definitely need some structure to make the most of this month’s biggest event. On May 15, Uranus—the planet of surprises, rebels, and sweeping changes—moves into Taurus. With this unconventional planet in the sign of money, it’s an amazing time to dream up new and unexpected ways to grow your bank account and your professional reputation. But don’t bail on your day job just yet! Uranus takes seven years to move through a sign, so you’ll have plenty of time to plan your next career move, no matter how wild it might be. There’s also a sync between lucky Jupiter in Scorpio and dreamy Neptune in Pisces on May 25, an alignment that’s excellent for making your dreams a reality. Scorpio gives you the determination to accomplish your goals at any cost, and Pisces gives you the inspiration you’ll need to cross the finish line. Overall, this month is a major turning point, so clear your schedule and get ready to make the most of it.

May Horoscopes 2018 — Aries

Mark your calendar for May 15, because the stars that day are definitely aligned in your favor. Thanks to changemaker Uranus in your money zone for the next seven years, you’ll find plenty of new and lucrative ways to line your pockets. That might mean leaving a job that isn’t working for you anymore, but if that’s the case, it’s for the best. There’s a new moon that same day, so the cosmos isn’t wasting any time getting you to your next assignment. Mars into your leadership sector on May 16 motivates you to take the top spot, but make sure you play nice along the way. On May 25, spiritual planets Jupiter and Neptune align in two of the most intense houses of your horoscope, triggering a big emotional breakthrough. By the time the Sagittarius full moon rolls in on May 29, you’ll be more hopeful than you have been in quite a while.

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May Horoscopes 2018 — Taurus

This month is a huge turning point for you, Taurus. That’s because Uranus, the planet of sweeping changes, slides into your sign on May 15 along with a new moon to kick off the party. Uranus stays in the same sign for seven years, so you have a while to get used to the new digs. Whoever you are today is going to look significantly different a year from now, and even more so once the full transit is complete. So think of this as your cosmic makeover! You’ll have plenty of support to help you through the beginning stages this month, with social Mercury into your sign on May 13 and your ruling planet, Venus, into your community zone on May 19. Even better, party planets Jupiter and Neptune sync up in your friendship houses on May 25 to deliver a bonding moment that you’ll cherish for years to come. By the time the Sagittarius full moon arrives on May 29, you’ll be ready to let down your guard. Vulnerability looks good on you.

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May Horoscopes 2018 — Gemini

Pay attention to what happens on May 13 because it’s a little preview of what to expect for the next seven years! That’s right. Mercury, your ruling planet, aligns with Uranus in your group's sector that day for one last hurrah before Uranus moves into your spirituality zone on May 15. You might find yourself feeling strangely drawn to mystical modalities like reiki, crystals, or even astrology. Or your creativity could go through the roof, especially under the Taurus new moon on May 15! Either way, the sun into your sign on May 20 will help you make sense of it all. On the 25th, expansive Jupiter syncs with imaginative Neptune in your houses of work to make your daily grind a much more pleasant experience. A full moon in your partnership zone, and Mercury into your sign on May 29 connects you with just the right people to make it happen.

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May Horoscopes 2018 — Cancer

You usually like to keep to yourself, but when Uranus lands in your friendship sector alongside a new moon on May 15, you’re ready to get out and about again. Uranus, the planet of surprises, takes seven years to move through a sign, so you’ve got plenty of time to assemble your dream crew. Venus in your sign from May 19 means you’ll be feeling more amorous than usual, so don’t be afraid to share the love. This lineup could also mean connecting with a creative collaborator who sends whatever you’re working on into a new dimension, especially under the full moon in your daily work zone on May 29! But your best day this month is easily May 25, when spiritual planets Jupiter and Neptune align in your houses of romance and independence. You’ll finally figure out how to get the affection you crave while keeping your distance.

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May Horoscopes 2018 — Leo

Your sign loves to play, but work is a different story. Luckily, changemaker Uranus into your career zone on May 15 sets you up for a seven-year growth spurt toward a profession that’s much more you. There’s a new moon there that same day, so you’ll get a rapid-fire glimpse of what’s to come in this new phase of your life. You could discover a way to make a living that’s totally different from what you expected, so stay flexible, especially when the sun moves into your networking zone on May 20. You never know who you might meet! On May 25, when spirituality planets Jupiter and Neptune align in your emotion houses, you have an important change of heart that helps you do some serious healing. By the time the Sagittarius full moon illuminates your pleasure zone on May 29, you’ll be more than ready to use a few of those vacation days.

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May Horoscopes 2018 — Virgo

You’re usually one to play it safe, but this month could see you embarking on an adventure you never expected. Mercury into your expansion zone on May 13 sends invites from faraway places that you just can’t resist, especially once the new moon and Uranus light up that same area of your horoscope on May 15. Uranus, the planet of change, takes seven years to move through a sign, so you’ll have plenty of time to adjust to your new jet-setting schedule. Even better, mystical planets Jupiter and Neptune in your friendship houses send you a companion to make the trip even more fun. After all, home is where the heart is, especially on May 29, when a full moon lights up the house of your horoscope associated with family and where you live.

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May Horoscopes 2018 — Libra

Your sign loves bonding, but how much are you willing to share? When the new moon and Uranus land in your intimacy sector on May 15, it might be time to reevaluate some of those boundaries. Uranus, the planet of sweeping changes, will be moving through your intense eighth house for the next seven years, so you have plenty of time to decide what your next move will be. The best part? This transit means your intuition will be on high alert, so trust your gut. Venus into your career zone on May 19 will help you charm anyone that you need to have on your side, and lucky Jupiter and Neptune in sync on May 25 in your houses of work will help you land a raise, promotion, or other deal you’ve been eyeing. Get ready, because the full moon on May 29 is the perfect time to have a conversation with any VIPs you need to woo.

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May Horoscopes 2018 — Scorpio

Whether you’re single or spoken for, get ready, because this month is going to be major for your relationships! Uranus, the planet of rebellion, moves into your partnership zone on May 15, where it’ll stay for the next seven years. If you’ve become overly reliant on others, it’s the perfect moment to assert your independence. Or you could fall for someone that’s totally outside your usual type! Either way, the new moon that same day will give you a preview of what this is all about. Mars into your emotions zone on May 16 means you’ll probably have a lot to process, so talk to a friend you trust or make an appointment with your therapist to get everything out in the open. The mood lifts on May 25, when lucky Jupiter in your sign and dreamy Neptune in your romance zone send you a crush (or a creative muse) you can’t resist. Even better, the full moon on May 29 lights up your money zone, which gives your bank account a major boost.

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May Horoscopes 2018 — Sagittarius

You’ve never been one for routines, but when free-spirited Uranus moves into your daily grind sector on May 15, you’re more than ready to switch things up. Uranus takes seven years to move through a sign, but a new moon that same day gives you a preview of what to expect. Your 9-to-5 is about to look a whole lot different, thanks to some next-level offers that transform the way you work. On May 25, lucky Jupiter in your spirituality zone links with Neptune in your emotions sector to help you make an important inner breakthrough. It’s a great time to get a psychic reading, a reiki session, or even just a massage. By the time the full moon lands in your sign on May 29, you’re well on your way to becoming the person you always knew you could be.

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May Horoscopes 2018 — Capricorn

Everyone knows how tirelessly you work, but this month, it’s time to play just as hard! Starting on May 15, Uranus, the planet of rebellion, moves into your pleasure zone for the next seven years. This is an invitation to remember to do things just for the fun of it. There’s a new moon that same day, which should give you a glimpse into just what that might be. This area of your chart rules crushes, flirting, and creativity, so whatever you choose is sure to be exciting! On May 25, lucky planets Jupiter and Neptune in your communication houses help you charm your way into exactly what you’ve been hoping for. Still, stern Saturn makes an awkward angle to the north node in your health and habits zone on May 27, so don’t jump in too quickly. Fortunately, a full moon on May 29 lights up the area of your chart that’s associated with endings, giving you some much-needed perspective.

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May Horoscopes 2018 — Aquarius

Get ready, because there’s no going back after this month! Uranus, your sign’s ruler and the planet of sweeping changes, slides into your home sector on May 15, where it’ll stay for the next seven years. It’s going to be a long-haul journey that could see you making a move to a wild new location or rethinking how to relate to your family and the place where you live. A good rule of thumb? The more independent you can be, the better. The Taurus new moon that same day will give you an insight into how this will play out, and Mars into your sign on May 16 gives you the confidence boost you’ll need to stick to your plan. On May 25, mystical planets Jupiter and Neptune in your career zone help you make a professional dream come true, but by the time the full moon lands in your visionary eleventh house on May 29, you’re already onto your next goal. Keep up the good work, Aquarius!

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May Horoscopes 2018 — Pisces

This month, the stars are aligned for you to speak your mind! On May 15, rebel planet Uranus into your communication zone for the next seven years helps you say exactly what you want to say. Even if you want to stay a shrinking violet, this transit will show you the value of speaking up for yourself and others, especially when it comes to injustice and social change. There are a lot of ways this could play out, but a new moon that same day will give you an insight into what this will look like for you. On May 25, lucky Jupiter in your adventure sector and Neptune in your sign deliver a gorgeous opportunity to travel or learn something totally dreamy. Get your vacation days in early because under the full moon on May 29, you’re going to be in the professional spotlight.

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