Letter From the Editor: Why We're Creating a Judgment-Free Zone for All Parents

Updated 05/21/18

Hello, MyDomaine readers! Each month, we'll share a letter from our editorial director, Sacha Strebe, to highlight the monthly theme (see our April letter) and give you a first look at the inspiring content we have planned. This month, we're talking about the power of community and why we need to ditch the pursuit of perfection when it comes to motherhood. 

mom truth, with Sacha Strebe

There was nothing that could prepare me for that auspicious day. I wept. I'm not talking about the usual tears of joy you'd expect from someone when they discover they're pregnant, either. I mean I really cried when I saw those thin blue lines on the pregnancy test. No, my initial reaction wasn't happiness. It was a mix of disbelief, shock, sadness, and fear.

I'm not ready. We don't have enough money. My husband doesn't have a full-time job. I'm too young. I just landed my dream job, and I'm not ready to quit. My head was spinning. My husband and I had only been married for a year, and we were relishing in the fact that we were both in the same country. (We'd been in a long-distance relationship for two years before that.) Now, that was all about to change.

But all of the worries, doubts, and fears disappeared as soon as my son was born. This truly miraculous and magical little being is the center of our world now, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I truly believe he chose us at the right time of our lives, and we're so glad he did. That's not to say that parenting has been all sunshine and roses, of course. Not at all.

Love aside, the truth is that being a parent in this modern age is goddamn exhausting and incredibly expensive. The only way to get through the daily grind of this parenting gig is to create a village (just ask Abigail Spencer). I don't think I would have made it through unscathed without my support network. I just wish mom groups like Hey Mama and Fashion Mamas had been around when my son was born (he's now nearing his 10th birthday), because I really craved a judgment-free space. Getting through those early days with a colic, reflux baby followed by a very busy toddler was truly challenging.

It's one of the reasons we created our MyDomaine Moms community—a supportive and inclusive Facebook group for busy, modern mothers to connect and empower other women through shared experiences and candid conversations about how they're really feeling. Because let's be honest: There are a ton of very real (and often unspoken) fears and challenges women face as they enter motherhood, and they need to be heard and recognized in a safe space.

So this month on MyDomaine, it's all about modern moms. We're getting really honest and standing in our truth because it's time we celebrated all the different parenting styles in our own perfectly imperfect ways. We hear you.

3 Things You Should Read on MyDomaine This Month

mom advice, with Sacha Strebe
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1. Amanda Booth—model, activist, and mom to Micahwrites an open letter to her son with Down syndrome with the hope of bringing much-needed visibility and awareness while breaking down the social stigma. It's a truly inspiring and heartwarming read.

2. We speak to several moms about raising a transgender child and why it's so important to create an inclusive and accepting culture that encourages children to grow into themselves, regardless of gender.

3. Actor Lindsay Price invites us into her stunning Los Angeles home to speak about raising two boys while running a successful career in the next edition of our Her Domaine series.

But that's not all. Stay tuned all month long for more of our modern moms content.

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