Is Medical Marijuana Replacing Over-the-Counter Meds?

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Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Good news: The medical marijuana industry has decreased America's reliance on prescription drugs, according to an interesting new report from the University of Georgia. These findings come as our country's abuse of prescription painkillers has reached dangerous new heights, suggesting there may be a safer alternative to potentially addictive over-the-counter substances.

Mark your calendars: Lauren Conrad is staging a one-night TV special to commemorate the 10th anniversary of The Hills, set to air on Sunday, August 7. Watch the juicy new trailer over at Who What Wear

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Take notes from Huffington Post's Landess Kearns and turn your single Costco trip into the gift that keeps on giving. Considering that around 40% of America's food goes uneaten, it would behoove us all to shop a bit more strategically.

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