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10 Meditation Garden Ideas Perfect for Destressing

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Do you ever feel like it's impossible to find a moment of peace, even if you're in your own home? You're not alone. Connecting with the great outdoors is an amazing way to find some calm in the chaos of your life, but for those of us in large cities, it's not always easy to find a relaxing green space.

A meditation garden is a great way both connect with nature and be in a calm, quiet environment. If you're someone who meditates or prays, a garden can give you a safe and relaxing place to destress and focus on your practice, all while surrounded by beautiful greenery.

While meditation gardens are similar to traditional Japanese zen gardens, they do have some differences. Zen gardens tend to focus more on the principles of simplicity, naturalness, and austerity, aiding in meditation practice. Meditation gardens are obviously used for the same purpose, but they focus more on what an individual wants than centering around those three principles.

If you're interested in creating a meditation garden of your own, even if you live in a small space or don't have an outdoor area of your own. The key is creating a safe, relaxing space for yourself where you can connect with nature and destress. Here are 10 ideas for creating your own meditation garden.

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Make it Multifunctional

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If you are lucky enough to have a larger outdoor space, consider making your meditation garden multifunctional. This space has comfortable seating, relaxing water elements, and gorgeous greenery, but it also has a grill for cookouts and other gatherings.

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Move It Indoors

living room full of plants

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Not everyone has an outdoor space to work with, but most of us have a corner in our living space we can go to unwind and connect with our beloved houseplants. Add a comfortable chair and pillows to the area, fill it with plants, and take a few moments each morning or evening to soak it all in.

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Embrace the Changing Seasons

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Plants and trees can't always be green all year round, but they still add a bit of life to the façade of a house, even if they are leafless. By adding a simple outdoor loveseat and pillows to a corner of the lawn, you can create a comfortable and quiet place to take in the changing leaves and crisp air while seasons change.

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Add Soft Lighting

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If you can, add a set of string lights to your favorite tree in your yard to give you the option of soft lighting as the sun sets. Cafe lights are a bit brighter than string lights, but they don't feel harsh like flood lights or other fixtures that attach to the exterior of your home. Plus, these cushioned chairs are the perfect place to unwind with a cup of tea in the morning or after a long day.

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Go Fully Traditional

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Traditional zen gardens often have sand and rock features with soft, nonstop lines drawn in the sand. This kind of garden requires a bit of maintenance, but the time spent drawing in the sand and tending to the flowers is a meditation practice in and of itself. In this case, bringing in a professional meditation gardener would be best, as they will be able to envision what works best in your space and create it with you.

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Include Statues or Other Figures

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Sometimes having a fixture to focus on can help deepen your meditation practice. Adding lanterns or small statues to your garden not only enhance it aesthetically, but it gives you something to keep your eyes and mind on while relaxing.

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Use a Deck as Your Base

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If you have a small porch or deck, surrounding it with plants is a great way to create a meditation garden. Lounge chairs give you a space to lay down and relax, while the plants allow you to reconnect with mother nature or tend to them while you clear your mind.

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Use a Hammock for Seating

hammock between trees

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Just imagine sitting beneath the trees on a warm day as a soft breeze blows, swinging gently in a hammock. Hanging a permanent hammock between two trees in your yard is an excellent idea, but you can also use a travel hammock and hang out in a quiet spot in a park if you don't have your own land.

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Use the Space You Have

patio garden

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Sometimes creating your own space outdoors is a bit of a stretch, especially if you don't have a yard of your own or landscaping is out of the question. Using a space like a small balcony or patio for a meditation garden not only makes the area more intimate, but it allows you to connect with nature without having to journey far from home.

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Go Micro

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Can't get outdoors? Create your own mini meditation garden indoors with a pre-made kit or with some sand, rocks, and a shallow tray. You can find kits from Etsy and other major retailers, and they normally come with a tray, sand, stones, and tools to draw in/clear the sand.

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