16 Buys That Turn Any Space Into the Ideal Meditation Room

Original Graphic by Viviana Duron

In the midst of life, it's important to stop yourself, slow down, and smell the roses. And wouldn't it be a nice, gentle reminder if you had the ultimate meditation room set up at home? (If you're cramped for space, then a sectioned-off nook will also do.) We can't stop hearing about the health benefits of meditation, whether transcendental, mindfulness, or even guided imagery. If you've ever taken a class at a studio like MNDFL, then you know that being comfortable allows you to focus on your breath and practice (that's why they tell you before class starts to settle yourself, however—or wherever in the room—you see fit).

So when it comes to the pieces you need to create the ultimate meditation room, we've got our minds set on cozy poufs and pillows. Plus, having some incense and sweet-smelling candles at the ready never hurts—and neither do some soft throw blankets for when you get a slight chill. Below find the only 16 items you should have for the ultimate meditation room. Get decorating, and get your zen on.

Wood Meditating Buddha on Stand by World Market
Cost Plus World Market Wood Meditating Buddha on Stand $120

This meditating Buddha has his hands in the Vitarka Mudra position, signaling good fortune for everyone near. We happen to love that the piece is hand-carved by artisans in Indonesia from one piece of suar wood.

Bottleneck Vase Set
Anthropologie Bottleneck Vase Set $600

Flowers instantly give you a pick-me-up. Keep a few fresh blooms in this gorgeous trio of metallic made-to-order vases at all times.

Leather Moroccan Pouf
West Elm Leather Moroccan Pouf $299

A gorgeous Eastern-inspired pouf works as extra seating or a foot rest. The natural color of the leather blends well with the rest of the hues in the room.

Tasseled Velvet Pillow
Anthropologie Tasseled Velvet Pillow $58

This chic pillow is almost too pretty to sit on (we said almost). It's time to cozy up on the plush velvet.

Gold Geometric Danyel Mirror by World Market
Cost Plus World Market Gold Geometric Danyel Mirror $200

Opt for as many nature-inspired pieces as possible for a sense of harmony. This three-dimensional geometric mirror reminds us of a flower.

Terrain Woven Seagrass Basket $108

These hand-woven seagrass baskets are stackable and hold everything from throws to a potted plant. We like them for storing pillows and cushions, too.

Meditative by Janet Bludau
Janet Bludau Meditative $800

When it comes to artwork, is there anything more fitting than a calming all-blue painting? We think not. Hang it to serve as a focal point in the room.

Natural Carved Mango Wood Sconce by World Market
Cost Plus World Market Natural Carved Mango Wood Sconce $20

Natural carved wooden sconces are right at home in your meditation room. Light some scented candles to get into an introspective mood.

Moroccan Coin Pillow Pouf
Urban Outfitters Moroccan Coin Pillow Pouf $189

You should always have more seating on hand in case someone wants to join you in meditation. This elegant coin pillow pouf also doubles as an objet d'art.

Brass Metal Loop Mirror by World Market
Cost Plus World Market Brass Metal Loop Mirror $100

When this brass loop mirror is hung at the right height, you're able to catch sight of your posture (and correct as necessary).

Kilim-Painted Trinket Dish
Golden Fox Goods Kilim-Painted Trinket Dish $12

Artist Missy McCullough's hand-painted stoneware dishes hold everything from jewelry to keys. Let them serve as catch-alls for any items you want to rid yourself of before settling in to meditate.

Ortensia Incense Tray
Fornasetti Ortensia Incense Tray $260

Leave it to Fornasetti to design a handcrafted wood and ceramic incense tray depicting the mythical goddess of fertility. Burn one of the 80 incense sticks that diffuse the brand's iconic scent while getting rid of any negative energy at the same time.

globe pendant light
CB2 Globe Pendant Light $249

It's important to have some mood lighting. This decorative pendant with a frosted glass shade imparts a subtle glow.

Space Dye Throw - 100% Exclusive
Sparrow & Wren Space Dye Throw $75 $50

A soft throw is perfect for draping over a pouf—or you, for that matter. The pom-poms add just a touch of fun (much appreciated).

Balanced Rug
Anthropologie Balanced Rug $398 $68

This natural fiber rug has a contrasting stripe-and-dot print that will add texture to your décor. Plus, we're all for meditating atop a carpet with such an appropriate name. (A little extra inspo, perhaps?)

SAIC pyramid incense burner with tray
CB2 SAIC Pyramid Incense Burner With Tray $25

This sculptural incense burner was inspired by ancient Egypt and the idea of renewal. As you burn the incense, ash trickles down the side, leaving sand in the marble tray.

Have you ever considered creating your own meditation room? What would be the first piece you would choose for your design? Be sure to tell us in the comments.

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